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What can you clean with a Laser Cleaning Machine
Key issues with traditional cleaning methods include negative environmental impact and substrate wear. Chemical cleaning can produce hazardous liquid contamination, and sandblasting can generate large amounts of waste and damage delicate surfaces. To avoid these problems, laser cleaning technology is widely used. Due to the many advantages of laser cleaning machines, it is the most effective method for removing contaminants from the surface of materials.
Laser cleaning machine is widely used, and this article shows you what it can clean.
Rust removal on the surface of steel equipment
Laser cleaning machines are also known as laser rust removers because rust removal is one of the main applications of laser cleaning. When metals are exposed to moisture, they react with water to form ferrous oxide, which causes rust. This rust can reduce the quality of the metal and make metal equipment unsuitable for the work environment.
Traditional rust removal methods include sandblasting, polishing, and chemical cleaning methods. However, these methods are very abrasive and corrosive, pollute the environment and damage the metal substrate. To avoid these disadvantages, laser cleaning becomes the method of choice for rust removal. Rust is removed by irradiating a laser beam with high peak power and repetition rate on the rusted layer. The rust layer quickly absorbs the energy of the laser beam, causing the temperature to rise, and one generation is hot enough that the rust melts and eventually evaporates.
Wash the material before painting to ensure the paint has stronger adhesion.
There are many products that are painted before being put into use for aesthetics or protection. But if there is contamination on the surface of the material before painting, the paint will peel off easily after painting. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all contaminants from the surface of the material in preparation for the application of the protective coating.
Because fiber laser cleaning machine uses a non-abrasive, non-contact method, it is ideal for cleaning material surface profiles. The laser cleaning process can be carried out on a small or large scale, and can remove contaminants on the surface of rolled steel, so as to improve the adhesion of protective coatings or paints, making them stronger and less likely to fall off.
Laser cleaning welding parts to improve welding quality.
Laser cleaning has also proven effective in pretreatment applications for welding. Aluminium and steel materials must have their surfaces pre-treated before being welded for use in automotive, industrial machinery, and more.
In metal welding, in order to improve process stability and obtain better welding quality, it is necessary to clean the surface of the metal material before applying welding and other joining techniques. Without the necessary basic cleaning work, joints and welds can become prone to degradation and increased wear. Laser cleaning can be used to clean material surfaces prior to welding, where to obtain excellent weld strength quality, resulting in improved corrosion resistance and durability.
Laser paint stripping
Laser cleaners can perform partial paint stripping from equipment that needs to remove old paint. In paint removal applications, fiber laser cleaning systems are the first choice, and they can be used on almost all material types. Laser cleaning can be used to remove old paint from automotive and aircraft surfaces while maintaining the integrity of the primer material.
The application of laser cleaning machines is extensive and efficient. In addition to the above-mentioned uses, laser cleaning also provides solutions for many industrial cleanings. Tell us what material you need to clean and let us show you the laser cleaning results.

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