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Laser rust remove machine makes it easier to clean metal
Laser rust removal is favored by the market as a new industrial cleaning method, and gradually replaces traditional metal cleaning methods such as industrial cleaning and mechanical cleaning. Laser rust remover is also known as laser cleaning machine. In addition to removing rust, it can also remove paint, clean welds, clean oxides, etc.
Laser rust removal is a technology for cleaning metal surfaces in a non-polluting way. Using a laser beam to irradiate the rusted surface, the rust can be quickly washed away. No chemical agents are used, which not only avoids pollution to the environment, but also does not damage the health of operators. Laser rust remove machine have been widely used in the industrial field.
The ACCTEK laser rust remove machine is designed with a hand-held laser gun, which is easy to operate. Only one person can complete the cleaning of a large number of metal materials, saving labor costs and high efficiency. This portable laser rust removal equipment can be flexibly applied to various objects and angles, and can effectively remove fine pollution particles through the precise positioning of the laser beam.
Laser rust removal technology has the characteristics of non-corrosiveness and non-contact, and is suitable for various material surfaces. Including metal, stone, rubber, wood, etc. It will be the most reliable and effective cleaning solution in the future.

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