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How to Use a Handheld Laser Rust Remover
Laser rust remover is designed with a hand-held laser rust removal gun, which can flexibly clean various objects and angles. So what should you pay attention to before using a laser rust remover? What are the basic steps?
Before using the hand-held laser rust remover, make sure that the power socket is in good contact, and check that there is no dust inside and outside the protective lens of the laser rust remover. Also, check to make sure the buttons and switches on the machine are in working order.
Basic steps for using a handheld laser rust remover
1. Take out the external power cord and power on the laser rust remoeal machine.
2. Turn on the switch on the power outlet.
3. Turn on the button switch on the laser rust removal machine, the system is powered on and initialized.
4. After the system is started, adjust the parameters of the laser cleaner through the laser power knob and laser frequency knob on the laser rust removal machine.
5. After the laser parameters are set, press the laser energy release button on the laser cleaning machine.
6. Put on the laser protective glasses, take out the hand-held laser rust removal gun inserted into the casing, aim the gun at the material to be cleaned, press the button on the gun handle, and the laser gun can emit a laser beam for cleaning work.
7. The laser cleaning range can be adjusted on the laser cleaning gun.
8. After use, turn off the laser rust remover. Insert the laser rust removal gun into the storage box and unplug the power plug.

When using the hand-held laser rust remover, in order to maintain the stable cleaning effect of the machine for a long time, it is necessary to do daily maintenance work. This can effectively increase the service life of the laser rust remover and create greater benefits.

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