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Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine effect display
Handheld laser rust removal machine is a new generation of industrial surface laser cleaning system. It can efficiently complete the metal surface cleaning requirements through a laser  rust removal gun and a professional laser cleaning system. The laser  rust remover adopts an advanced laser source, and by adjusting the laser cleaning parameters, the surface contaminants of various materials can be easily removed. This includes rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, oxide removal, etc.
Hand-held laser rust remover can minimize the use of chemicals and abrasives, and will not pollute the environment. Today, when people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing and environmental protection laws are becoming more and more strict, laser cleaning is undoubtedly the most popular industrial cleaning method. Laser rust removal is not only more environmentally friendly, but also ensures that it has very low operating costs because it does not use any consumables as cleaning media. It is very important for enterprises to reduce costs.
The AKQ-1000 laser cleaning system is equipped with a 1000W laser generator, which is very suitable for equipment cleaning in the industrial field. For example, cleaning and maintenance of construction machinery, auto parts, ship steel plates, construction steel, industrial pipes and other equipment. In addition to laser rust removal, you can also laser paint removal, then apply new paint to refurbish equipment.
The many advantages of laser rust removal machine has gradually replaced many traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting, mechanical cleaning, and chemical cleaning. The handheld laser cleaning machine AKQ-1000 can clean stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, brass, opaque plastic, glass, wood and many other materials. By irradiating the surface of the material with a high-power laser beam, various cleaning processes such as rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, welding seam cleaning or corrosion removal are completed.
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