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Fiber laser mextal cutter for mextal and non mextal
The fiber laser machine AKJ1325F-2 is an engraving & cutting equipment that combines a CO2 laser head and a fiber laser head. It can cut metal or engrave non-metal and you can use this machine to process more types of workpieces. It is a powerful laser cutting machine.
        The working area of this laser machine is 1300×2500mm. Equipped with Raycus 1000W laser generator with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency higher and more stable optical quality ensure more stable and more sophisticated cutting effect in thick sheet cutting. This series of lasers apply to many application scenarios with a narrow seam of the cut sheet and bright section.
         Equipped with a Reci W6(150W) CO2 laser tube slim beam high quality spot. It can cut non-metal materials up to 20mm. It has long lifetime stable cutting performance. Installation of reinforcement stings the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine.
         Combined fiber laser cutting machine is widely used. The fiber cutting head is mainly used for carbon steel stainless steel aluminum alloy titanium alloy galvanized steel sheet aluminum zinc plate copper and  many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on. The CO2 cutting head is mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials including wood acrylic rubber plastic cloth leather MDF etc.

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