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Fiber Laser cleaning and welding combination machine
The hand-held laser cleaning and welding machine has three functions of cleaning, cutting and welding. A flexible all-in-one solution that can change the working mode in one minute for different application scenarios. The laser cleaning and welding integrated machine not only guarantees work efficiency and quality, but also has the characteristics of portability and flexibility, powerful functions and rich applications.
Features of laser cleaning and welding machine
With three functions of cleaning, welding and cutting, it can meet most industrial needs. Handheld laser cleaning machine, compact design, compact structure, easy to move and easy to operate.
Laser cleaning and welding machines can switch modes at any time for different industrial needs. The replacement mode is simple and quick, and the production efficiency is improved faster.
The laser cleaning process is safe and environmentally friendly. No chemicals are required, and the rust removal process will not cause secondary pollution.
The laser cutting process has a small heat-affected zone, small plate deformation and fast cutting speed.
The laser welding process can complete the welding of various metals, the welding seam is smooth and beautiful, and the welding is firm.
Switching from traditional cleaning and welding methods to this handheld laser system allows you to balance efficiency, quality and safety. The laser cleaning welding machine will meet your fine processing needs.

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