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Spindle and Oscillating knife 2 in 1 CNC Router Machine

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CNC router & Oscillating knife
There are many types of CNC router machine and different fields of use. If you need to process more types of materials, choosing a customized CNC machine tool will bring more benefits to your workshop. In this post, this CNC router is combined with a oscillating knife tool, which can not only engrave and cut hard materials such as wood, acrylic and metal, but also cut soft materials such as cloth, leather, and cartons. It is a feature-rich CNC equipment.
The CNC cutting machine is a special design according to user needs, and realizes that the CNC router spindle  and the oscillating knife work together. Make a machine have multiple functions, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves the cost of adding other equipment. The following is an introduction to the configuration and characteristics of this "spindle and oscillating knife CNC router". You can customize more professional CNC equipment for the workshop according to the processing needs.
The customized CNC router AKM1530 selects the well-known Chinese brand HQD water-cooled spindle, has obtained CE certification, and has a variety of power options, which can easily complete the engraving and cutting of the plate. The vibrating knife tool is used to cut soft materials such as cloth, leather, cardboard, etc., to ensure that the edges of the finished product are smooth and the cut pieces are accurate. The system has an automatic typesetting function to maximize the use of materials, reduce material waste, and have high production efficiency.
The tail of this CNC router machine is equipped with assistance wheels. When processing large-area plates, the assistance wheels can be used to feed materials, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency. It is also equipped with an automatic oil lubrication device. Just set the interval time and oil filling time, and the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the system settings.
CNC router & Oscillating knife
Because the user mainly processes wood, a large amount of sawdust will be produced during the wood carving process, so a double bag dust collector was installed for the CNC router AKM1530. It can control all sawdust residues in a small range through the dust-proof brush on the spindle when the engraving machine is working, and then suck the debris into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
In the process of communicating with user, we learned that customer sometimes need to cut small amounts of metal. Therefore, we have installed an oil mist lubrication pump for our customers. During metal cutting, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the material and the tool, and avoid damage caused by overheating of the tool.
The above points are the main features of the customized CNC router AKM1530. There are many types of CNC engraving machines, and each type of machine has its own professional field. Choosing the engraving equipment that suits the needs of the workshop can create greater profits for you.
If you need to process multiple types of materials at the same time, you can tell us your use by email, and ACCTEK will provide you with professional customized solutions.

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