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Small ATC CNC Router With Rotary Axis in United States

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Auto tool changer CNC router machines have always been very popular among users. Whether you need a large CNC router or a small CNC router, the auto tool changer device can improve the work efficiency of your workshop and reduce the complicated tool change process of the operator.
What is shown today is a small ATC CNC router machine, which is a machine chosen by our American customer. According to his needs, we added some additional configurations for him to realize more functions of the CNC engraving machine. The following is an introduction to the customized ATC CNC router AKG1212C, which can meet most of the workshop's engraving and cutting needs.
ATC CNC router
The working area of the CNC router AKM1212C is 1200×1200mm. The spindle is selected from a well-known Chinese brand HQD that has obtained CE certification. The 2.2KW water-cooled spindle, which has strong power and good cooling effect, which can carry out engraving and cutting for a long time. In addition to processing flat plates, the American customer also needs to process cylindrical materials, so he added a rotary axis device to the machine. The rotary axis has a diameter of 80mm and a length of 1200mm, which can be directly placed on the worktable of the engraving machine, which is very convenient.
ATC CNC router AKM1212C is equipped with 4 tools as standard. Because the American user needs to engrave more complicated patterns, he needs to use up to 6 tools in an engraving process, so we have customized 6 tools for him. The auto tool changer can efficiently complete the engraving work for him. During the whole work process, without stopping the machine, the task of auto tool change and continuous engraving can be completed.
ATC CNC router
Because the material processed by the customer is mainly wood, a lot of wood chips will be generated during the whole engraving process, so a dust collector is selected for the CNC engraving machine. The ACCTEK 3.0KW double-bag dust collector can control all sawdust residues in a small range through the dust-proof brush on the spindle when the engraving machine is working, and then suck the debris into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
In the process of communicating with the customer, the sales representative learned that the customer still needs to engrave stone. Therefore, we recommend water tank and water cooling nozzle for our customers. The direction of the water flow of the water-cooling nozzle can be adjusted. When the CNC machine is engraving the stone, it can cool the spindle tool and the surface of the stone. And at the same time, it can wash away the rubbish such as stone powder and clean the surface of the stone. The water tank collects and discharges the water, which can protect the machine and the work place.
The ATC CNC router machine AKG1212C can produce various workpieces such as advertising signs, architectural models, small furniture, handicrafts, etc. It is a multi-functional and efficient CNC engraving machine. If you also need to improve workshop efficiency, come and consult.

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