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Large size 3D 4-Axis CNC Router Machine shipping to Hungary

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4 Axis CNC Router Machine
ACCTEKCNC has a large size 4-axis CNC router machine that has been tested and the machine performs well. We will ship it to Hungary this week. A 4-axis CNC router has all the same axes of a 3-axis CNC router, plus an additional A-axis that rotates the spindle 180 degrees around the X-axis during cutting. It is the preferred method for advanced intricate cutting and engraving.
The following is an introduction to this customized 4-axis CNC engraving machine. If you need to process three-dimensional materials, you can use it as a reference.
The working area of this 4-axis CNC router machine AKM2030-4A is 2000×3000×1000mm. The machine is equipped with Taiwan Syntec control system, which has good stability and powerful functions. The operating software is easy to learn and man-machine friendly. Professionally used in high-end CNC router machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are better than other types.
The spindle of the 4-axis CNC router machine adopts HQD, a well-known Chinese brand that has obtained CE certification. 9.0KW high-power air-cooled ATC spindle with high reliability. This motorized spindle features high precision, long life, low noise and low vibration. The spindle has good axial stability and high workpiece machining accuracy. Ideal for engraving fine patterns, it ensures accurate patterns during the engraving process. The CNC machine is equipped with a linear automatic tool changer with 8 tools, and there is no need to manually change the tool when the machine is working, which greatly improves the efficiency.
4 Axis CNC Router Machine
3D CNC woodworking engraving machine AKM2030-4A is equipped with Taiwan Delta servo motor, Y axis 1800W, X axis 1200W, Z axis 1000W, A axis 500W. Ensure that the machine has higher strength and higher precision. The high-power AC servo drive system greatly shortens the settling time, realizes high-speed acceleration and deceleration, and has a fast response speed. It has the function of resonance suppression to ensure the machine runs smoothly at high speed. Strong anti-interference ability and strong anti-overload ability.
The 4-axis CNC router machine comes with a 3.0KW double bags dust collector. While the CNC engraving machine is working, the dust brush on the spindle keeps all sawdust residue in a small area, then sucks the debris into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of employees.
The 4-axis CNC router machine is dedicated to 3D work. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the machine to perform flat engraving and three-dimensional machining. It can be programmed to reduce human interference in specific manufacturing processes. This helps reduce production time, thus ensuring increased productivity.
Acctek 4-axis CNC engraving machine adopts heavy-duty frame and gantry structure, and the body is more sturdy. The main components are all from world-renowned suppliers to ensure that the 4-axis CNC router machine has good performance when it is working. Believe that our CNC engraving equipment can process better products for you.
4 Axis CNC Router Machine

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