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Feedback from Czech users on Fiber laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine
The small size fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1020F arrived in the Czech Republic. After using it for a period of time, the customer sent us feedback and was very happy to have such an efficient metal cutting equipment. Now this fiber laser cutting machine has become a good helper for their metal projects.
This small precision fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1020F is mainly for alloy materials, lighting, hardware products, metal kitchenware, metal crafts processing and many other industries. For the metal processing industry, choosing a suitable metal laser cutting machine is very important. It can not only save labor costs, improve work efficiency, but also effectively improve product quality, which is very important for the development of the company.
The following is an introduction to the features and configuration of this fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1020F. If your workshop also needs to process metal, I hope it can help you expand your production scale and win the love of more customers.
According to the needs of users, this fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed design. The observation window adopts an European CE Standard laser protective glass. On the one hand, it can protect the safety of operators, on the other hand, it is convenient to discharge smoke when the fiber laser cutting machine is working, which is more environmentally friendly. Both sides of the large enclosure are designed as sliding doors to facilitate feeding.
Fiber laser cutting machine
ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1020F is equipped with Raycus 2000W laser generator, which has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality, ensure more stable and more sophisticated cutting effect in thick sheet cutting. This series of lasers apply to many application scenarios, with a narrow seam of the cut sheet and bright section.
The laser metal cutting machine adopts Cypcut controller system, provide fine cutting technique, and smoothly starts and ends in the cutting of the tool path. It supports advanced functions of find workpiece edge, auto focus control, dual shuttle, break point locate, QR code generation, remnant split etc., especially for high-speed, high-precision laser cutting.
The machine adopts Swiss Raytools brand auto-focusing cutting head, which can high-speed perforation and cutting of various material thickness. Automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focusing, the adjustment range is -10-+10mm.The focusing speed reaches 400mm/s, more efficient. IP65 dust-proof design, fully protect internal optical components and extend service life. Built-in collimating lens focusing lens double water cooling structure, reducing the temperature of the cutting head and prolonging the service life of the cutting head.
The XY axis of the fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1020F is equipped with an 850W Yaskawa servo motor, and the Z axis is equipped with a 400W Panasonic servo motor. Faster speed with signal feedback, realizes acceleration and deceleration at high speed, and has fast response. Low heat, low noise, high speed and high precision. Strong anti-interference ability and strong anti-overload capability.
In order to adapt to market demand, laser equipment is developing in a more automated and intelligent direction. In the process of purchasing a laser cutting machine, you must choose the right product according to your actual production needs. It is the most reasonable and effective solution to not only save one's own cost, but also ensure high-efficiency and high-quality production needs.
If you are interested in our laser metal cutting machine, you can always consult online at any time.

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