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Daily maintenance skills of fiber laser cutting machine
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With the popularization of fiber optic technology, more and more metal processing industries choose to fiber laser machines for metal cutting. Any machine needs to pay attention to daily maintenance during long-term use.

How to use and maintain the fiber laser cutting machine?

When using fiber laser cutting machine to process metals, you need to learn the use and maintenance skills of fiber laser cutting machine equipment. In order to better play the function of the equipment and maximize the working efficiency of the equipment. The following maintenance tips about the fiber laser machine are for your reference.
1) Always check the steel strip and make sure it is tight.
2) Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and dirt from the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should keep clean and dustproof.
3) Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months. And find that the maintenance and debugging are not normal.
If you don’t do this, it is possible that the effect of cutting out is not so good, the error will increase. And the cutting quality will affect. This is a top priority and must finish.
4) Each guide rail should clean frequently to eliminate dust and other debris, to ensure that the normal rack of the equipment should wipe regularly. And lubricated to ensure lubrication without debris.
The guide rails should be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor should clean and lubricate frequently. The machine can move better during the journey, and the quality of the cut products will improve.
5) Pneumatic maintenance
Checking the nitrogen gauge, oxygen gauge and each gas path joint every day to prevent air leakage.
6) Laser head maintenance
The protective lens module of the laser head needs to be checked daily.
The collimation module and the focus block are inspected every three months.
7) Laser source maintenance
The laser source is a high-precision component and can basically be maintenance-free. Largely affected by environmental factors. Drain the cooling water every day; when the machine is in use, the water chiller is always on; add antifreeze coolant, etc.
8) Water chiller maintenance
Clean the filter weekly to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation;
Every week, observe whether there is water leakage at the back of the water cooler and the various water connections of the bed;
Changing the cooling water every three months.
9) Control cabinet maintenance
There are a variety of electrical components inside the control cabinet. It is recommended to remove the dust inside the control cabinet every three months. The equipment need powered off before dust removal. Do not touch any wiring terminals within 5 minutes to avoid injury. Use a clean veil to clean up various electrical devices and cables inside the control cabinet.
Good maintenance can not only ensure the normal operation of the machine, but also extend the service life of the machine parts and ensure that the machine has a longer use time. ACCTEK has professional after-sales technicians who can give you the necessary help when operating the machine.
If your shop needs a metal cutting equipment, you can learn about our fiber laser cutting machine online. Our staff will provide you with free service consultation.

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