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Custom size CNC Router Machine for Italian user

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CNC router machines are widely used in the woodworking industry. Whether it is wardrobes, cabinets, or office desks and chairs, many common items in our lives are produced by CNC engraving machines. If you are a small studio or a family workshop, you can choose a basic CNC router to help you improve the efficiency of engraving. If you are a large-scale production workshop, then the auto tool change CNC router machine will save you more labor costs.
The commonly used size of woodworking CNC router is generally 1325 (4×8ft), and the small machine has 1212 (4×4ft). But if the size of the material you need to process is between the two, then you can customize an CNC machine with the right size. This CNC router is an engraving equipment customized for Italian user. The size of the worktable is 1000×2000mm. The following is an introduction to the advantages and characteristics of this CNC machine, which can be used as a reference for purchasing wood engraving equipment.
Woodworking CNC Router
The CNC router AKM1020 uses well-known Chinese brand HQD spindle that has obtained CE certification, which has strong cutting ability and can easily complete wood engraving and cutting work. The water-cooled spindle ensures a good cooling effect and can work for a long time. Equipped with Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails, it runs smoothly, with high speed and quietness, high abrasion resistance, and good load-carrying capacity.
The working table chooses the T-slot vacuum combined table, which is more conducive to the fixation of different materials and is very helpful to improve work efficiency. The T-slot worktable can use clamps to fix small size plates, and the vacuum table can use vacuum adsorption to fix large materials, making processing more convenient, simple and efficient. The vacuum table is divided into 4 areas according to user needs, and each area is controlled by a switch. It can be used flexibly according to the size of the processed material.
Italian user use the CNC router machine to process wood mainly. Because the engraving process will produce a large amount of wood chips, this CNC machine is equipped with a double-bag dust collector. When the engraving machine is working, the dust-proof brush on the main shaft controls all the sawdust residues in a small area, and then sucks the debris into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of employees.
Woodworking CNC Router
This CNC engraving machine is equipped with Fuling frequency converter. This inverter has stable performance, rich combination of functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output, good dynamic characteristics and super overload capacity. The machine is also equipped with an automatic oil lubrication device. Just set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the system setting, which is very convenient.
The above introduction is the configuration features of the CNC router machine chosen by Italian user. Not any CNC engraving machine can meet all your needs. You need to choose the appropriate engraving equipment according to various conditions such as material size, thickness, and complexity of engraving patterns. If you are not sure what to choose, you can communicate online for help and advice.

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