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Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Fitness Equipment Industry
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With the improvement of people's living standards, more people pay attention to sports and health. The continuous expansion of the fitness team has also brought strong business opportunities for fitness equipment manufacturers. 
With the continuous development of fitness machinery and equipment, the precision of its parts processing is getting higher and higher. The slit width of the part cutting, the straightness of the edge, the fineness of the stripe, and the smoothness of the parts will affect the quality of the fitness equipment. The shape of the parts in the fitness equipment is diverse. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the automatic CNC laser cutting equipment can better meet the requirements of these modern machines.
metal tube cutting
Sports fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star of laser application. Due to the large number of pipe processing in this industry, such as spinning bikes, bicycles, sit-up boards, children's scooters, outdoor fitness equipment and other products, a large number of pipe parts are used, plate processing is relatively small, pipe cutting and punching process is often need to use, so it is necessary to have efficient and high-precision laser tube cutting equipment. ACCTEK has specially developed a professional laser cutting machine for pipes for the sports fitness equipment industry. It can cut pipes of various shapes, and process any complicated curve graph on the surface of pipes.
Professional tube fiber laser cutting machine-AKJ60F can cut traditional or special-shaped pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, bread pipe and D-shaped pipe. It can achieve opening, cutting and conventional way difficult to achieve a variety of different complex graphics precision cutting. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, short production cycle, etc. So the fully automatic processing method can greatly improve the production efficiency of fitness equipment and has become the standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.
Fiber laser cutter for metal tube
Public fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have developed rapidly in recent years, and the future demand is particularly large. Fitness equipment manufacturing industries have been booming with the fiber laser metal cutting technology being introduced.
As a technological revolution in the field of sheet metal processing, the fiber laser cutting machine is not only a fitness equipment industry, but also a "machining center" in the field of sheet metal processing. As a process revolution in sheet metal processing, the laser cutting machine has a high degree of flexibility and cutting. Fast speed, high production efficiency, short product production cycle, and is favored by the sheet metal processing industry.
If you are interested in our tube laser cutting machine, or have any question about the fiber laser cutter machine. You can consult online at any time, and our professionals will reply you in time and provide effective solutions. I hope it helps you.

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