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AKM1212-5A a five-axis engraving machine commonly used in the mold industry
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With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application of five-axis engraving machines has become very common, so how do we choose in our work? The advantage of the five-axis engraving machine is that the workpiece is easy to clamp, there is no special fixture for processing, which reduces the cost of fixtures, avoids a large number of fixtures, and improves the precision of mold processing. Using five-axis machining molds can reduce the number of fixtures used.
    In addition, the five-axis machine tool can save a lot of special tools in the machining process, so the cost of the tool is reduced. The five-axis CNC machine tool can increase the effective cutting edge length of the tool, reduce the cutting force, increase the tool life, and reduce the cost.
     Using a five-axis engraving machine to process molds can quickly complete mold processing, fast delivery, better guarantee the quality of mold processing, mold processing becomes easier, and mold modification easier. In traditional mold processing, a vertical machining center is generally used to complete the milling of the workpiece.
   The AKM1212-5A 5-axis CNC engraving machine produced by our company is good at processing methods such as space surface processing and special-shaped processing. All brand-name and high-quality selections ensure that the machine has high performance and long service life. The workpiece can be clamped in one time to complete the complex processing requirements, which can be adapted to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts.
Main configuration of AKM1212-5A:
DISC type ATC device
8pcs carousel automatic tool changer, HSK63F tool holder. The tool magazine is fixed on the side of the gantry and is always on the same horizontal line as the spindle. The machine tool does not need to change tools manually, which greatly improves the efficiency and more tool changers are available.
Italy Hiteco 12kw 5-axis spindle
Professionally applied to five-axis CNC engraving machine, with strong cutting ability and low noise, it can ensure the machine to work for a long time.
Xinda Controller 21MA
Five-axis machine tool series is a professional well-known brand, five-axis linkage, with RTCP function (true five-axis interpolation), suitable for large-scale three-dimensional surface processing modeling. CNC system resolution: ±0.001mm.
Silver rail
The guide rail and the sliding block cooperate to drive the machine to move, running smoothly, high-speed and silent, high wear resistance, and good carrying capacity.
Yaskawa Servo Motor
Yaskawa servo motors have the highest amplifier response in the industry, which greatly shortens the setting time, realizes high-speed acceleration and deceleration, and responds quickly. It has the function of resonance suppression to ensure the smooth operation of the machine at high speed. Strong anti-interference ability and strong anti-overload ability.
   ACCTEK is a professional manufacturer of CNC engraving machines. If your factory needs engraving equipment, we can provide you with free consulting services. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved when using the CNC engraving machine, you can also leave us a message. ACCTEK has a professional technical team that can provide you with the necessary help.

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