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4-Axis CNC Router Machine with Rotary Axis In Dubai

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ACCTEK has a 4 axis CNC router machine that has been tested. This 4 axis CNC engraving machine with a rotary axis is customized for Dubai customer. This machine has the advantages of complete functions, wide processing range, high processing accuracy. It can not only realize plane engraving but also realize 3D engraving of irregular and complex workpieces.
More and more users choose the 4 axis CNC Router machines for 3D Wood carving. Since the spindle of this type of CNC machine can swing left and right, the spindle tool can approach the workpiece from multiple different angles, effectively processing the three surfaces of the workpiece. If you have similar three-dimensional workpieces, this CNC Wood Router will be your ideal choice. This post details the 4-axis CNC router selected by user in Dubai, you can use it as a reference.
4 Axis CNC router machine
The working area of this CNC router AKM2040-4A is 2000×4000×600mm. The machine is equipped with Taiwan Syntec 21MA control system, which has good stability, powerful functions. The operating software is simple and easy to learn, the man-machine operation is friendly. Professionally applied to high-end cnc router machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are superior to other types.
The spindle is selected from a well-known Chinese brand HQD that has obtained CE certification. The 9.0KW air cooling spindle has strong power and extremely high reliability. This spindle has high precision, long life, low noise and low vibration. The axial stability of the spindle is good, and the workpiece machining accuracy is high. Very suitable for engraving processing of fine patterns. It can ensure that accurate patterns are obtained during the material engraving process.
CNC router spindle
The 4 axis CNC router AKM2040-4A is equipped with a disc auto tool changer with 10 tools. The tool magazine is fixed on the side of the gantry, always at the same horizontal line as the spindle, fast response. When the machine is working, there is no need to manually change the tool, which greatly improves the efficiency.
The XYZ axis chooses Japanese Yaskawa 1300W servo motor, A axis is Yaskawa 400W servo motor to ensure the machine stronger strength and high accuracy. High power Yaskawa absolute AC servo drive system, which greatly shortens the setting time, realizes acceleration and deceletation at high speed, and has fast response. It has resonance suppression function to ensure that the machine runs smoothly at high speed. Strong anti-interference ability and strong anti-overload capability.
This 4 axis CNC router uses a T-slot and vacuum combined worktable, which is more conducive to processing different materials and is very helpful for improving work efficiency. The T-slot table can use clamps to fix small materials and save the power of the vacuum pump; the vacuum table can use vacuum adsorption to fix large materials, which is more convenient, simple and efficient to process. The vacuum table is divided into 6 areas according to user needs, and each area is controlled by a switch. It can be used flexibly according to the size of the processed material.
Rotary axis of CNC router
Because user need to process cylindrical materials, according to the engraving requirements, we installed a rotary axis device at the front end of the CNC engraving machine. The rotary axis chuck has a diameter of 160mm, a length of 1800mm, and a thimble, which can process cylindrical materials with a diameter of 400mm. In addition, the 4-axis CNC router is also equipped with 3.0KW double bags dust collector. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
This 4 axis CNC router is the preferred method for advanced, intricate cuts and carvings. If you are preparing to start a 3D manufacturing project, choosing such an CNC engraving machine is very necessary.

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