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what is a cnc router
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  • 2021-12-18 16:28
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CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine related to the hand held router used for cutting various hard materials such as wood composites aluminium steel plastics and foams. CNC stands for computer numerical control. CNC routers can perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines such as the panel saw the spindle moulder and the boring machine. They can also cut mortises and tenons. A CNC router is very similar in concept to a CNC milling machine. Instead of routing by hand tool paths are controlled via computer numerical control. The CNC router is one of many kinds of tools that have CNC variants. A CNC router typically produces consistent and high-quality work and improves factory productivity. Unlike a jig router the CNC router can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production. Automation and precision are the key benefits of cnc router tables. A CNC router can reduce waste frequency of errors and the time the finished product takes to get to market. A CNC router can be used in the production of many different items such as door carvings interior and exterior decorations wood panels sign boards wooden frames moldings musical instruments furniture and so on. In addition the CNC router helps in the thermoforming of plastics by automating the trimming process. CNC routers can help ensure part repeatability and sufficient factory output. CAM software makes the CAD drawing/design into a code called g-code.This code the CNC machine can understand. In short CNC technology is not very complicated. It is a tool controlled by a computer. It only becomes more sophisticated when considering how the computer controls the tool. The illustration shows what a bare bones CNC machine might look like without its controller.
what is a cnc router


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