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Reviews of 1325 CNC router from user in Malaysia
This photo is from our user in Malaysia, the 1325 CNC router shown in the photo has been running in his workshop for some time. The user has used this CNC machine for engraving and cutting projects of wooden boards and he is currently satisfied with everything about the machine.
1325 CNC router is a hot-selling machine in our company, it has the characteristics of cheap price and rich functions, so it is welcomed by many enterprises. This basic 3 axis CNC router can process wood, acrylic, MDF, plywood, plastic, rubber and other materials, so it is widely used in furniture industry, advertising industry, handicraft processing, musical instrument industry and other fields.
How to choose the right 3 axis CNC router machine
CNC router spindle. This 3 axis CNC router is equipped with a 3.5KW air-cooled spindle, which can process most materials. If you have stone or metal materials to be processed, you'd better choose a spindle motor above 5.5KW. Because of the higher hardness of these materials, more powerful spindle motors are required to achieve effective cutting results. The choice of CNC router spindle is very important for machine performance and cost. The power of the spindle motor is too large, which not only increases the purchase cost, but also wastes more power. If the power is too small, the demands of the CNC machine will not be met. If you can't confirm the power of the spindle, you can consult the staff of the CNC router manufacturer, just tell them what kind of material you are processing, and the staff will give you the best purchase advice.
CNC router motor. The 1325 CNC router chooses a stepper motor, which is a compact and economical choice for a basic CNC machine that can fully meet the needs of engraving and cutting. In addition to stepper motors, servo motors are also available. This motor is generally suitable for CNC milling machines with large size and high-speed machining requirements, and is most commonly used in ATC CNC router. Servo motors can provide more consistent torque across the entire speed range of the machine and are better for applications that require improved positioning accuracy and resolution. Higher performance also means more expensive CNC routers with servo motors. But if you're just machining wooden doors, cabinets, or making billboards, stepper motors are all you need.
CNC router table size. The larger the size of the CNC machine, the more expensive it is. The size of 1325 CNC router workbench is 4 feet x 8 feet, and it is mainly used for processing wood furniture, wooden doors and other larger boards. If you are running a small advertising company, mainly processing crystal characters, acrylic signs, foam board promotional materials, etc., you can choose a 1212 CNC router, which can not only meet the processing needs, but also save costs. In addition, there are 6012 CNC routers and 6090 CNC routers for users to choose. This small CNC route is more suitable for woodworking enthusiasts or personal studios.
Whether you are a CNC router hobbyist or a large production company, the right 3 axis CNC router can help you start a project or grow your business. For more buying advice, feel free to chat with us online.

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