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Multi spindle CNC router with rotary axis for 3D woodworking project

The video shows you a 6-spindle CNC router with rotary axis, which can not only engrave cylindrical or square materials, but also engrave and cut flat plates. It is rich in functions and is very suitable for processing various woodworking projects. In the video, it shows the 3D engraving of cylindrical materials and the machining process of flat materials, you can see the high efficiency of the six spindles working at the same time. The following introduces the features and advantages of this multi head CNC router.
Flexible switching between plane processing and 3D processing
In the classification of CNC machine tools, we often see flat-panel CNC routers or rotary axis CNC routers. This AKM2030-6R combines two CNC routers, which can not only complete the processing of flat plates, but also complete the 3D processing of cylinders. It is a multi-functional CNC machine tool. There are two thimbles on the rotating shaft to fix the cylindrical material, one of which is fixed at the end of the CNC router, and the thimble on the other side can be pushed to a suitable position on the table according to the length of the material to be processed. This enables users to switch between the processing of flat plate and cylindrical materials flexibly, which is very convenient. According to the needs of users, the table size of the customized multi-head CNC router is 2000x3000mm, so the maximum length of the rotary axis can also be stretched to 3000mm, and cylindrical materials of various lengths can be processed.
Rotary axis cnc router for 3D project
Multiple spindles work at the same time, higher efficiency
This CNC router AKM2030-6R is equipped with 6 spindles, which can work simultaneously. The machine can complete the production of 6 workpieces in one processing, which greatly improves the production speed, and can complete the work efficiency of multiple equipments in the same time. When batch processing, the consistency of the product is better, the quality is high, and the purchase cost of production equipment is greatly reduced, which is economical. Choosing a multi spindle CNC router not only increases production efficiency for users who need to process woodworking projects in batches, but also reduces operating costs that require multiple machines.
High precision engraving and cutting
In addition to the above-mentioned unique advantages, the multi spindle CNC router equipped with rotary axis also has the common characteristics of CNC machine tools, that is, the high-precision processing performance. At the end of the video we show the fine engraving process when the CNC router processes complex patterns, you can see that even if the engraving is very fine or very small, the CNC router spindle still completes every item we want to achieve with the highest precision Design effects without making any mistakes. This is where CNC routers are better than manual routers.
Of course, there are many other types of CNC router machines, but customizing according to production needs may be a way with greater benefits. ACCTEK CNC is good at providing customers with customized CNC machines to meet your different needs. For example, CNC router with plasma cutting gun that can process metal and non-metal at the same time, CNC router with vibrating knife that can process carton boxes, the combination of various functions can expand your business scope. If you want to know more about CNC router machine, start to communicate now.

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