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CNC router machine linear guide knowledge
If you are a CNC router machine enthusiast, then you must know what a linear guide is and what it does. A linear guide, also called a linear bearing, it’s one ridge or metal slot that can secure, guide, or withstand a moving object with reduced friction. Here is you need to know about them.
The CNC router machines produced by the ACCTEK factory all use Taiwan HIVIN linear guides. These linear guides with excellent performance have the best functions. Unlike conventional linear guides with high friction, HIVIN linear guides reduce track friction capabilities, improve machine operating characteristics and maintain user safety. HIVIN linear guides can work for many years, and they feel more stable and safe to use.
Even if you're using high-performance gadgets, if they're not properly cared for, their performance will degrade. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to maintain the linear guide during the process of using the CNC router machine.
prevent corrosion
If you operate the linear guide manually, make sure you have washed your hands of sweat. Also, apply a good quality oil before handling the equipment.
Most importantly, carry out extensive rust prevention techniques in summer and rainy seasons.
Keep the environment clean at all times
Shockingly, even a very small amount of dust gets into the rails, it can increase the vibration, noise of the CNC router machine, and in severe cases can damage your installation. So keep the working environment clean.
Requires careful installation
When trying to repair linear guides, do not install them incorrectly. Sharp or aggressive punching needs to be avoided as this can transmit unnecessary stress on the rolling object.
Use the correct installation tool
Always use the correct mounting tool when securing the Linear Guide.
Paying attention to and maintaining every part of the CNC router machine can ensure that the CNC machine has a stable cutting ability and a longer service life.

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