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CNC Router Machine for woodworking in India
This photo is the feedback sent by an Indian customer for us. With the help of ACCTEK engineer Kate, the user can now operate this CNC wood router machine proficiently. AKM1325 is a popular CNC router with a working area of ​​4 x 8 ft, which can meet the production of most woodworking projects.
The model in the photo is our old design CNC router. At present, our company's newly designed CNC router is also very popular with users. The video shows you the working process of the new AKM1325 CNC router.
CNC router AKM1325 is equipped with T-slot and vacuum combination table. You can see in the video that when the CNC router cuts acrylic, that is, the material is fixed by vacuum adsorption, the whole cutting process is very stable without any vibration and displacement. When the CNC router cuts aluminum plates, the material is fixed by the T-slot fixture. For this small-sized material, its fixing ability is still very good.
This CNC router spindle for Indian users chooses an air-cooled spindle, which does not require an external water tank to cool the spindle, which is relatively more convenient to use. Equipped with stepper motor and driver, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. For ordinary 3 axis CNC routers, stepper power can fully ensure the stable operation of the machine. But if you choose an ATC CNC router, you'd better equip it with a servo motor so that the machine can remain stable even at high speed.
A high-quality CNC wood router machine is an effective tool to help you with numerous woodworking projects. If you want to know more about CNC router, you can communicate online.

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