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CNC Router 1325 Woodworking Machine for furniture industry
CNC router 1325 is a basic CNC machine tool in the field of woodworking project manufacturing, its worktable size is 4x8 feet, or 1300x2500mm. This model of woodworking engraving machine is one of the most widely used machines in wooden door and furniture enterprises. Because the size of the CNC router 1325 woodworking machine is very suitable for the processing of wooden doors and cabinet panels, it is easy to use and fast to process. That's why it's so popular.
CNC router 1325 woodworking machine work table adopts vacuum adsorption table, which pulls the air between the workpiece and the surface of the table to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing the workpiece on the table, the plate is more stable, and saves a lot of manual splints Time to fix the sheet. When using the vacuum worktable, it is necessary to configure 5.5KW vacuum pumps to operate together. The worktable can be divided into 4-8 areas according to the size of the board, and each area is controlled by a switch. When the processing board is small, only one processing area can be activated to make the board adsorption force better.
If you want to engrave various styles of patterns on the surface of your furniture board, you can choose a multi heads cnc router or an ATC CNC machine. More CNC router spindle tools can help you complete multiple operations without downtime. Multi heads CNC router and ATC CNC router can greatly improve your processing efficiency, save a lot of time for manual tool change, and are very suitable for complex engraving and cutting processes.
The CNC router 1325 produces a lot of sawdust when engraving and cutting wood. In order to make the working environment cleaner, many furniture manufacturers are very fond of adding a vacuum cleaner device, through the dust brush on the main shaft to control all wood chip residues in a small range, and then suck the debris to the vacuum cleaner through the dust collection pipe. This not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
The cnc router machine introduced above are more aimed at the use of the furniture industry. If you are machining metal or other materials with CNC router, you can inquire online for more options for CNC machines.

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