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Application industry of CNC Router Machine
With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for processing efficiency and processing accuracy of various products, CNC router machines are more and more used in various industries. Today, let us take a look at the application of CNC router.
CNC router machines include woodworking CNC router, stone CNC router, advertising CNC router, glass CNC router, laser CNC router, plasma CNC router, and laser cutting machines, but they basically have similar characteristics. Take advertising CNC router as an example, from the functional point of view, CNC CNC router is divided into two categories: low-power CNC machine and high-power CNC machine.
The CNC router machine can be used in the following fields:
1. Advertisement and gift production industry, used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, three-dimensional billboards, two-color figure statues, embossed medals, organic plate embossments, three-dimensional door headers, etc.
2. Model making industry, used to make sand table models, house models, etc.
3. Mold manufacturing industry, used for engraving button embossing molds, printing hot stamping molds, injection molds, stamping molds, shoe molds, etc.
4. Woodworking industry, used for the design and production of relief patterns.
5. Seal industry, used for seal engraving of various fonts and materials.
6. In the machining industry, it is used for scales of dial machines, etc.
7. Automobile industry, tire mold, car lamp mold and decoration mold processing.
Moreover, with the continuous emergence of various new decorative materials, more and more materials can be used for carving, making computer numerical control engraving machines more useful. Therefore, the application range of CNC engraving machines will continue to expand.

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