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ATC CNC router with automatic tool changer in Spain

The photo you see is from our user in Spain. The machine in front of him is an ATC CNC router with automatic tool changer. At present, this CNC engraving equipment has been running in his workshop for some time. He was very pleased with the engraving and cutting capabilities of the machine. In order to get a more satisfactory project, since he received the machine, he has been constantly communicating with our technician Kate how to operate the machine, and now he is an experienced cnc router machine operator. He sent photos and expressed his thanks to Kate.
ATC CNC router with automatic tool changer is a high-end CNC machine tool. This type of machine is mainly used in large production workshops that require batch processing or users who require multiple processes in the processing process. ATC CNC router has two tool changing methods, one is linear auto tool changer, and the other is disc auto tool changer. The machine chosen by the Spanish user is equipped with a linear auto tool changer that can hold a total of 8 different tools. After each process is completed, the spindle tool automatically goes to the end of the machine to select the second tool without stopping, and the automatic tool change can be completed in just a few seconds, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
Have you noticed that Spanish users put a whole piece of MDF on the machine table, this is to protect the CNC router table from damage and prolong its service life. Some users will worry that placing the material to be processed on the MDF will reduce the firmness of the material when it is fixed. This is absolutely nothing to worry about. Our ATC CNC router machine adopts a vacuum adsorption table, which has a very strong adsorption capacity, especially for large-area plates, the fixing method is simple and efficient. Moreover, the density board has good air permeability. After the vacuum adsorption switch is turned on, the material to be processed can be firmly fixed on the table without any displacement and vibration.
This 1325 ATC CNC router is also equipped with a double bag dust collector, in the photo you can see a dust brush on the main shaft of the machine and a suction duct above the gantry. In this way, when you are engraving and cutting materials, the dust brush will collect the waste such as wood chips and collect them into the dust bag through the vacuum pipe, reducing the pollution to the machine and the workplace. It not only facilitates the cleaning of the workshop, but also reduces the harm caused by dust pollution to the health of the staff.
CNC routers with auto tool changer are equipped with 9.0KW high-power ATC spindle, which has fast processing speed and good stability, and the produced workpieces have higher quality. The high-end Syntec control system makes it easier and more convenient for you to operate CNC machine tool, and its anti-interference ability and control accuracy are better than other types.
Although the 4×8 ATC CNC router is more expensive than the ordinary 3 axis CNC router at the initial investment, for large enterprises, it can recover the machine cost for you faster and create greater benefits. You can learn more about the types of CNC machine tools online and choose the one that suits your needs to ensure that the machine brings the greatest value. If you are buying a CNC router for the first time, communicate online and get free buying advice.

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