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ATC CNC Router can efficiently engrave and cut
ATC CNC router is an intelligent CNC machine with automatic tool changing spindle and auto tool magazine. When working, CNC tools can be automatically replaced according to work requirements, without manual operation, and greatly improve work efficiency. There are two types of CNC ATC kits, including linear Automatic Tool Changer CNC and disk Automatic Tool Changer CNC. The tool magazine can carry 4-12 pieces of different tools.
The tool magazine and the automatic tool changer constitute the ATC system of the CNC machining center. ACCTEK is equipped with a unique tool change device, which can complete the tool change during the working process of the machine, which is convenient to deal with various complex and multi-step machining processes. The standard tool magazine comes with 8 tools, you can customize a larger capacity tool magazine according to your needs. The automatic tool changing device enables the machine to complete a variety of carving techniques such as contours, curves, and hollows, so that the product exhibits a unique design style.
The ATC CNC router is especially suitable for the furniture industry. It can process European-style furniture, American-style furniture, and retro Chinese-style furniture with complex patterns. Carve exquisite patterns for plates of different materials to make high-end customized furniture. The different types of tools in the magazine have different functions, cnc router to quickly switch tools and handle various furniture styles without stopping work.
ACCTEK ATC CNC Router machine will provide your shop with more efficient work, and improve the cutting and engraving quality of plates, bringing you a larger market and business.

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