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3D project machining of 5 axis CNC router
The machine you see in the video is an industrial 5 axis CNC router with a worktable size of 1300 x 2500 x 600mm that can process items such as 3D models and 3D artwork. The video shows its process of engraving a 3D workpiece on a foam material, and you can see the characteristics of the multi-angle rotation of the CNC router spindle. Now more and more companies are beginning to choose 5 axis CNC routers, because 5 axis CNC machining center can reduce labor costs and improve workshop processing efficiency.
The 5 axis CNC router, also known as the 5 axis CNC machining center, is a multi-axis 3D CNC milling machine that adds two axes to the 3 axis CNC router to realize the RTCP function of the five-axis CNC machine tool. The 5 axis router machine integrates advanced structural design, CNC technology and high-performance machining technology. This machine tool is specially used to process free-form surfaces or complex workpieces that cannot be processed by ordinary 3 axis CNC engraving machines.
The 5 axis CNC router has a wide range of application fields and processing ranges. In addition to engraving, milling, cutting, drilling, and grinding for various special-shaped products, it is more prominent in the compatible processing of materials. The 5 axis CNC router you see is built with advanced components and innovative technology, making it suitable for almost any industrial production process.

5-axis CNC router features

1.3D surface processing
The 5 axis CNC router allows the spindle to easily position and cut along the surface of curved materials, and can machine free-form surfaces or complex parts that cannot be machined by ordinary 3 axis CNC routers.
2. Efficient and intelligent
5 Axis CNC engraving machine is a kind of five-axis linkage processing. The size of the material can be detected by five-axis positioning, and the complex workpiece can be clamped at one time to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece and improve the processing efficiency. At the same time, the operating cost is greatly reduced and the workshop output is increased.
3. High cost performance
5 Axis CNC engraving machine is a multi-functional machine tool integrating high-precision drilling, milling, cutting and other processes. It can realize integrated processing, save labor and operating costs, and increase profits for users.
4. High productivity
The 5 axis CNC router AKM1325-5A is equipped with an auto tool changer and is loaded with eight different tools. The auto tool change system can minimize the tool change time and improve the processing efficiency of the product, thereby greatly shortening the production time of the product and significantly improving the production efficiency.

5 axis CNC router price

Price is an important consideration if you want to buy a CNC router 5 axis machine. It is actually difficult to give an exact 5-axis CNC machine price because there are many different types and models of 5-axis CNC router machines, and prices vary widely. This is related to the size of the machine, spindle power, motor brand, etc.
Take our 5 axis CNC router AKM1325-5A as an example, equipped with 10KW Italian Hiteco 5-axis spindle, Japan Yaskawa servo motor, Syntec 5-axis dedicated CNC system with RTCP function and other high-quality components, its price is 61,000 US dollars. An equivalent 1530 5-axis CNC router is priced at $69,500. In addition, for overseas customers, there are some additional costs to consider, such as customs clearance fees, taxes, shipping fees, etc.
The 5 axis machine can handle a very diverse range of plastic and composite materials, guaranteeing precision and constant reliability. If you have 3D projects to complete, including car models, ship models, character sculptures, etc., the 5 axis CNC machining center will bring you faster speed and higher product quality.

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