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1530 Industrial CNC router was well received in Saudi Arabia

The photo you see is from our Saudi user. The CNC engraving equipment around him is a popular CNC router AKM1530 from ACCTEK. Its table size is 5 x 10 feet, and it can process various sizes of plates, which is very widely used. We all know that CNC routers are usually used to process non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, and plastic. Because our Saudi user still needs to cut some metal materials, we added an atomizing cooling device next to the CNC router spindle for him. This part can effectively cool down the spindle and metal materials and prolong the service life of the spindle.
The 1530 CNC router and the 1325 CNC router are the two most common industrial CNC router models. The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, which has strong bearing capacity and small deformation. High precision, wear resistance, stable operation, and extremely high precision in the production and assembly of machine parts, which ensures the high performance and stability of the machine, with excellent quality.
ACCTEK CNC router spindle adopts Italian HSD air-cooled spindle or Chinese brand HQD air-cooled spindle. There are two types of spindle speed: 18000rpm or 24000rpm. The speed mainly affects the size of the cutting force, because the high-speed spindle is converted into cutting force through kinetic energy, and the higher the speed, the greater the cutting force. The choice of spindle power depends on the thickness of the material you are processing and the cutting speed you expect to achieve. CNC router manufacturers will give you the right advice based on your actual needs.
The 1530 CNC router chooses a vacuum table, which is used with a vacuum pump to fix the plate by the adsorption capacity of the gas. Generally, when the table size of CNC machine tools exceeds 4×4ft, we recommend users to choose a vacuum table because it has obvious advantages in fixing large-sized plates. Like this 5×10 CNC router for Saudi user, its countertop is divided into 4 vacuum zones, and each zone is equipped with a switch. When fixing the plate, it is only necessary to turn on the switch in the corresponding area to firmly fix the material on the table, shortening the loading and unloading time of the material, which is very simple and convenient.
Another advantage of ACCTEK's 3 axis industrial CNC router is the installation of a feeding auxiliary wheel at the rear of the machine. For machines that process large-sized plates, workers can use auxiliary wheels to load materials, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency. In addition, for users who process a lot of wood, we recommend that you install a dust collector for the machine. Because it can absorb a large amount of wood chips and dust generated during the engraving process at any time, so that the machine tool and the workplace can be kept in a clean state.
Whether you are buying a CNC router for the first time or have purchased it several times, you should know that service is very important. The reason why ACCTEK is well received by so many customers is closely related to the good after-sales service. No matter what operation problems or failure problems you encounter after receiving the machine, our technicians can provide you with guidance and assistance at any time, so that you can put into production in the shortest possible time. Choosing a powerful CNC router manufacturer means you will get high-quality machines and good service.

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