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Laser cutting metal common problems and solutions
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Laser cutting machine equipment has advantages over traditional metal cutting equipment in advantages of high speed, accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, many companies have chosen laser cutting machine to process stainless steel products. However, if the product is processed improperly, the consequences cannot be ignored. It will affect the product quality and make the product not up to standard. Now, Jinan ACCTEK Laser will tell you some problems that cannot be ignored in laser cutting metal processing
laser cutting machine

Laser cutting metal common problems and solutions

1. Produce droplets with fine regular burrs
Possible causes: (1)Focus too low (2) Feed rate too high resolvent
Solution: (1) Raise focus (2) Reduce feed rate
2. Irregular filiform burrs grow on both sides, and the surface of the plate changes color
Possible causes: (1) Feed rate too low (2) Focus too high (3) Air pressure too low (4) Material too hot resolvent
Solution: (1) Increase feed rate (2) Focus (3) Air pressure (4) Cooling material
3. Only one edge of the cutting edge produces irregular burrs
Possible causes: (1) The nozzle is not centered (2) The focus is too high (3) The air pressure is too low (4) The speed is too low
Solution: (1) Centering nozzle (2) focus (3) air pressure (4) speed
4. Material is discharged from above
Possible causes: (1) Power too low (2) Feed rate too high (3) Air pressure too high
Solution: In this case, press the pause button to increase the power, decrease the feed rate and decrease the air pressure when the slag splashes onto the focusing mirror

What are the factors that affect the processing accuracy of metal laser cutting machine?

Compared with the traditional metal cutting processing technology, the metal laser cutting machine has higher processing accuracy, better section effect and no need for secondary processing, which is also the reason why many enterprises choose the metal laser cutting machine. However, many enterprises have found that the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine is sometimes not ideal, which affects the subsequent processing flow. What factors affect the machining accuracy?
1. Processing material
When laser cutting machine is used to process metal, the cutting accuracy is different for different materials. Even for the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will also be different. Therefore, the workpiece material also has a certain impact on the laser cutting accuracy. Generally, the smoother the material is, the higher the machining accuracy is.
Therefore, when processing different metal materials, you can make samples in advance to find out the most suitable parameter settings for such materials.

2. Shape of laser beam
The laser beam of metal laser cutting machine is conical, so the slit cut is also conical. The shape of laser beam is also a major factor affecting the cutting accuracy of metal laser cutting machine. The smaller the spot after the laser beam is concentrated, the smaller the kerf, and the higher the machining accuracy.
In this tapered laser beam condition, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, and therefore the larger the kerf. Therefore, when processing metals with different thicknesses, it is necessary to select the appropriate laser power to obtain better results.
Laser cut metal effect
3. Accuracy of worktable
When the laser metal cutting machine is processing, the worktable vibrates with the vibration of the laser head. The higher the precision of cutting, the higher the precision of cutting is when the high-precision workbench is matched with stable linear guide rail and stepping motor; If the worktable is uneven or for other reasons, the processing accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine will also be affected.
4. Auxiliary gas and nozzle
In the process of laser metal cutting machine, the auxiliary gas and nozzle play a role in cleaning and controlling the cutting speed. The uneven pressure and temperature in the air flow will cause the change of the air flow field density, which will dry up the focusing of the beam energy, cause refocusing or beam divergence, and affect the metal cutting accuracy.

What effect does the focus position of fiber laser cutter have on metal cutting?

Among the factors that affect the processing quality and capability of the laser cutting machine, the focus position has the greatest impact, and its specific relationship with the processing is as follows. 
Relative to the surface of the material to be processed, after the laser beam is focused, the focus position has an effect on almost all processing parameters, such as the width and slope of the cutting seam, the roughness of the cutting surface, the adhesion state of the slag, and the cutting speed. 
This is because the change of the focus position will cause the change of the beam diameter on the surface of the processing material and the angle of incidence of the beam into the processing material, which will affect the formation state of the kerf and the multiple reflection state of the beam in the kerf. These cutting phenomena will affect the flow state of auxiliary gas and molten metal in the cutting seam. 
Set the state of the focus on the surface of the processing material to z=o "zero", use "+" when the focus position moves upward, use "-" when it moves downward, and use mm to express the amount of movement. The upper kerf width W at the focus position z=o is the minimum. Whether the focus position moves up or down, the upper slit width W will become wider. 
This change also has the same tendency when processing lenses with different focal lengths. The smaller the beam diameter at the focus position and the smaller the focal depth of the lens, the greater the amplitude of change of the upper slit with the focus position.
When fiber laser cutting machine processes metal, the quality of metal cutting will be affected by various factors, and these problems can be solved as long as adjustments are made according to specific reasons. If you encounter failures that cannot be handled when using a laser cutting machine, you should first contact the laser cutting machine manufacturer and ask for help from professional technicians, which will save you a lot of time and effort. After a period of operation, you can accumulate more experience in operating laser cutting machines to produce higher-quality metal workpieces.

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