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How to troubleshoot and solve the ATC CNC router machine?
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Automatic tool change CNC router are widely used in various engraving industries, especially in the woodworking industry. It greatly improves the production efficiency and workpiece quality of the workshop. If you encounter some faults during the operation of the ATC CNC engraving machine, you can troubleshoot and solve them through the following methods.
The following are some common treatments for tool magazine failures. Of course, these are not absolute and need to be applied in specific situations.
ATC CNC router

Tool collision

The main reason for the tool collision may be:
1. ATC spindle tightening tool signal suddenly lost, causing the spindle to stop, X, Y still move. At this time, you can modify the PLC program or adjust the tightening tool switch to make it press properly, and check whether the tightening tool solenoid valve works normally.
2. User program has a problem.
3. The user uses tool length correction.
4. Check if the part signal has been lost or adjust the tool clamp switch.

The ATC spindle has a tool drop phenomenon, and the CNC machine can’t catch the tool.

1. Check whether the air pump pressure is normal
2. Check whether the airflow of the machine tool spindle is smooth, whether there is air leakage, whether the spindle cylinder moves up and down normally, whether the loose and the card cutter switch are normal.
3. Check whether the cylinder is leaking. Also, check that the cylinder piston and cylinder seals are normal.
4. Check whether the claw of the CNC machine gripper is open, adjust whether the screw under the gripper cylinder is up to the upper end of the gripper claw, and adjust the upper end of the gripper claw.
5. Check whether the CNC machine gripper claws are worn.
ATC CNC router

ATC CNC router tool can not rotate

The reason may be that the tool magazine motor thermal protector is operating, or the brake is not opened, or the cutter drive is too heavy. Check if the thermal protection in the electrical cabinet is tripped. If the electrical is normal, the mechanical transmission may be faulty. Generally, the cutter drive bearing may be stuck or rusted. The motor temperature is too high, the cutter head does not move, and the tool change button LED is not displayed.

The magazine cannot enter or exit

1. Check if the motor power is normal and the motor is rotating.
2. Check if the tool change tool proximity switch is normal, the tool change signal and the tool bank ready signal are normal, and there is no line virtual connection phenomenon.
3. Check if the relay is working properly and the line is connected.
4. Check the tool magazine turntable, the transmission mechanism is flexible, and there is no jam.
ATC CNC router
In addition, it should be noted that when your ATC CNC engraving machine uses an air-cooled ATC spindle, you need to check it before starting up. If there is any blockage in the air duct, it should be blown through with compressed air in case of emergency. If your ATC CNC router uses a water-cooled ATC spindle, you must ensure the normal operation of the cooling circulation system before use. It is strictly prohibited to use it without cooling conditions. The connection between cooling water pipe and nozzle must be reliable and non-leakage.
As a professional manufacturer of CNC engraving machines, ACCTEK has professional engineers and technicians. We can provide technical guarantee for the good operation of your CNC machine.

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