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How to choose one suitable 3 axis CNC router ?
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There are many types of 3 axis CNC router. The size and configuration of the machine determine that the cnc engraving machine is suitable for different engraving industries and processing materials. How should users in different industries choose an engraving equipment suitable for their workshop? This post will introduce according to different industries and job needs to help you spend the least money to buy the most cost-effective CNC engraving machine.
Compared with other machines, the CNC router can complete the engraving and cutting of various materials in a shorter time, reducing waste and improving productivity. ACCTEK Machinery Company divides CNC engraving machines into various models according to different work needs. You can choose the appropriate cnc machine type according to your production needs.

1. Small CNC router machine

If you are a small business, home store or hobbyist, a small CNC engraving machine with high accuracy and cheap price is very suitable. They can process wood, acrylic, MDF and other materials to make exquisite gift boxes, advertising signs, children's toys and other small workpieces for you. For this type of CNC machine, we have some models:
Desktop small CNC router AKG6090
Table type small CNC router AKM6012
Meddle size CNC router AKG1212
 CNC Router

2. Standard CNC router machine

If your job needs to process wooden doors, furniture, wood carvings, antique furniture and other materials, then you need to choose a standard CNC engraving machine. They are most commonly used in the furniture manufacturing industry and are also ACCTEK's best-selling CNC machines. The following models are the most common types:
Heavy duty 3 axis CNC router AKM1325/AKM1530
CNC router with plasma cutting AKMP2030
Large size 3 axis CNC router AKM2040
Each machine can be customized according to your needs. If your workshop needs to process cylindrical materials, you can add a rotary axis device to the cnc router  for engraving and cutting cylindrical materials. The auxiliary tools of the cnc router will greatly improve the function of the machine and save you the money of repurchasing the machine.

3. ATC CNC router machine

If your work needs to engrave complex patterns, such as complex patterns on European furniture, patterns with different effects on door panels, then a ATC CNC router with an automatic tool change device is more efficient for your shop. ACCTEK has the following models for your reference:
Economical ATC CNC Router AKM1325C1
Standard ATC CNC Router AKM1325C2/AKM2040C2
High End CNC Router AKM1325C3/AKM1530C3
The ATC CNC Router machine  has fast engraving speed and high precision,  it helps reduce total production time and increase process efficiency. During the entire cutting and carving process of the machine, the operator does not need to manually change the tool, so it is safer. The ATC CNC engraving machine is suitable for processing complex patterns and completing the batch processing of plates, and can provide high-quality and efficient production for your workshop.
 ATC CNC Router

4. Multi heads CNC router machine

If you need to engrave the same pattern on the same plate, you can choose a multi-head cnc engraving machine, which will improve your work efficiency. In addition to the standard multi heads CNC machine, there are also cnc router for cylindrical material processing and padel racket drilling. The following are the commonly used models of multi-head CNC engraving machines:
Double heads woodworking CNC router AKM1325-2
Efficient four heads CNC router AKM1530-4
Four heads CNC router with rotary axis  AKM1325-4R
Padel racket drilling machine AKM5030-6H
 Multi heads CNC router
The above content is the different types of 3 axis CNC router machines, you can choose according to your work needs.

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