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What should we pay attention to when transporting heavy machinery
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    Are you facing the problem of shipping heavy machinery to international companies?Moving heavy CNC equipment around a country, or just across a city, can be a challenging task.Product damage in transit has become a very common problem nowadays.Both buyers and sellers face serious logistical problems.Transportation has become a very big problem.
    However, it is very important to ensure that the products shipped reach their destination safely.Some factors cannot be ignored.This article highlights some important tips worth considering.
    Industrial machinery is more complex and complex;Transportation and transportation require specialization.Some devices are small enough to be packed, while others, such as CNC machines, are large enough to be packed.That's why;Large packing machines require dedicated truck loading services to ensure product safety.
    Some key issues to consider:
    1. Choose packing to minimize damage to the goods
    One of the main functions is to ensure that the materials are packed in corrugated cardboard.As logistics companies stack pallets together, it is important to ensure that the packaging cardboard is strong and stable enough to hold down the load on other boxes.Corrugated board has different groove patterns and wall thickness.
    Of course, shipping heavily taxed products is seen by many potential buyers as a major headache.Fragile products need to be delivered safely.In order to ensure the safety of the product, the equipment or machine must be packed on corrugated board to prevent damage to the goods.
    Corrugated packaging provides cushioning for any type of product, protecting items from the effects of continuous transport and handling.Corrugated packaging is designed to provide buffering for vibration protection.Tear resistance protects the packaging from exposure.
    There are different types of packaging manufacturers used for packaging CNC equipment.Let's look at some of them:
Crate: A crate is a large container, usually made of wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc.
Apply oil to linear guide, circular track, spindle, rack, etc.
Sturdy wood packaging solution
Protect the equipment from vibration
Heat resistant waterproof
Safe transshipment of goods and equipment
PE stretch film and wooden case this multi-layer elastic polyethylene film covering machine.This film is used to protect products from loads bundled on pallets, to individual items, large overall size.
Due to the small thickness and high durability of the film, the stability of the load is guaranteed.Stretch film is the most effective way to package products.
Wrap the device in a stretch film and bubble.
Bubble wrap spear parts and control cabinet
A plastic bag that covers a CNC machine tool to protect it from humidity.
Tighten the PE bag again with the stretch film.
Secure the equipment in wooden cases and nail it down
After packing, secure the case with yellow elastic belt.
For gantry movements, fix blocks on the X, Y, and Z axes
Finally, mark a shipping ticket on the wooden case or container.
    2. Environmental impact
The logistics company should ensure that the packaging and shipment are likely to have an environmental impact.Unfortunately, moisture and heat can damage the packaging.It is said that about 71 per cent of the goods were damaged due to the high humidity environment, causing damage to the products.
To ensure the package arrives safely at its destination, each package should be wrapped in durable plastic, such as shrink wrap or bubble wrap, to keep the package safe on the tray.
Logistics companies can also add another level of protection to packages by attaching pallets to the walls of containers or cargo areas.
    3. In the box
To deliver a CNC router to your door, it is important to ensure that the packaging is in good condition.The way your products are packed in boxes is the key to preventing damage.
You can also use partitions or other types of packaging materials to separate and provide buffering to the product.
Packing with partitions reduces the fear of damage.Zoning protects fragile items from damage if they are transported.Reducing losses will mean fewer returns and replacements, and ultimately less headaches for shipping costs and packaging consumption.
Separators are reusable because they are made of durable corrugated material.Partitions often add durability and better wear resistance to packaging.In addition, it reduces the hassle of unzipping items and provides a better user experience.
The packing of the products is ready for retail sale.Simply pick the product and place it on the sales floor, so you can easily cut through the plastic wrap and place it where there is no trouble.
    4. Freight logistics
It should be noted that many heavy-duty carriers have fewer carriers than full-load carriers.These types of carriers carry smaller cargoes to their final destination, but due to multiple stops, there may be a chance of damage during transit.
Therefore, it is recommended to seek the help of a small cargo truck, or seek the help of a logistics company to provide the right truck solution for your heavy equipment.
In addition, it is recommended to use trucks or vehicles with air suspension to handle fragile products.You should be very careful when unloading heavy machinery.
Since one side of the machine is heavy, it is important to use a forklift to lift the machine from the center.This high-powered industrial truck is used to lift and move materials over short distances.
    5. Insurance
To the company or enterprise that imports product or equipment from abroad, insure is very important.Marine insurance is very cheap.It charges a fee of about $50- $100, depending on the invoice value of the goods.
For a small amount of extra money, you can ensure that your goods are not damaged in transit.But transport damage does not include quantity or quality problems, it only causes physical damage to the product.
    6. A few things to keep in mind when your product is damaged during shipment
If you are importing CNC diameter seeking machine, it is recommended that you do not ignore the following tips if you receive damaged products:
Take photos and videos of damaged products
Calculate total loss
Ensure that this is supported by the value stated on the commercial invoice.
Contact your insurance company
If the problem persists, it is recommended to submit a photo of the damaged product.The manufacturing company will replace or fix the problem.

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