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What is the price of fiber laser cutting machine
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    What is the price of optical fiber laser cutting machine?
    At present, in the metal processing industry, people who have a certain understanding of cutting equipment will find that the same power of laser cutting machine, different types, different brands and different places of production have a great price difference, as low as tens of thousands, up to hundreds of thousands.
    With such a big difference, how to choose when buying?What is the price of optical fiber laser cutting machine?
    At present, the most popular laser cutting equipment on the market is optical fiber laser cutting machine.Compared with the traditional cutting equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine has obvious characteristics and many advantages.With the rise and growth of domestic manufacturers of large, medium and small laser cutting machines, the market share of imported expensive laser cutting machines is also rising.Laser cutting machines are declining year by year and more high quality, low cost laser cutting machines are being put into use.
    Different brands of laser cutting machines offer different prices, but the same power laser has a 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands of price difference, so we need to be careful.As we all know, the quotation of any product will not be groundless, the formulation of the price involves the product, enterprise, market and other aspects.Different laser cutting machine manufacturers are different, of course, the price is relatively different.Price mainly depends on brand influence, equipment technology level, equipment power, equipment scale, relevant configuration, pre-sales and after-sales service, etc.Laser cutting machines are far below the average price of laser cutting machines with the same power in the market, we must be careful.
    In the market, according to the different power and configuration, the price of domestic small and medium-sized laser cutting machine is usually from hundreds of thousands to millions, while the price of medium and high power is slightly higher, the higher the power, the higher the price.However, we need to know that imported laser cutting machine is not necessarily a complete machine.Many laser cutting machines are imported, but the key components are imported, and the rest of the fuselage is made in China and sold there after trial installation and commissioning.Therefore, about the fiber quotation laser cutting machine customers in the purchase of laser cutting machine must explicitly ask.
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    Discussion on laser cutting machine for metal materials
    1. Perforation of thick carbon steel plate
    In thick plate processing, perforation time accounts for a large proportion.Various laser manufacturing enterprises represented by high-energy perforation (blasting) have developed fast perforation technology.The obvious advantage of this method is its high speed (1s), but the disadvantage is that it not only affects the processing of the small shape material, but also the huge energy injected in the perforation process increases the temperature of the plate and affects the subsequent overall cutting process.
    2. Stability of the whole plate processing process
    In the whole process of steel plate processing, there are often local poor processing phenomenon.This phenomenon is sometimes very random, even in the good condition of the processing equipment, in order to deal with these local fault products, can have a significant impact on the overall progress of the work.
    Problem solving laser cutting medium thick plate
    1. Adopt peak perforation (HPP) scheme.
    As the name suggests, a small duty cycle peak pulse laser is used, supplemented by a non-fuel injection on the material surface (removing attachment to the opening edge) to control the pulse at a reasonable frequency for cooling and perforation.The hole blasting time is relatively long (3 seconds) and the aperture is small (about 4mm). The hole edge has no attachment and low heat input, which is convenient for conventional cutting and processing.Compared with the common drilling method, the efficiency of this method is improved several times.
    2. Solutions to ensure processing stability
    At present, in order to improve the running speed of processing equipment, most laser cutting machines adopt the structure of "flight light path", that is, the machining head moves in the whole machining area without moving the material tray.In order to compensate for the change of relative position between the machining head and the light source, and to ensure the consistency of the light spot within the machining range, the method of variable curvature refractometer is generally used for cutting.

    Causes of problems in laser cutting
    When laser cutting low carbon steel, abnormal spark will affect the cut section finish.At this point, when other parameters are normal, the following conditions should be considered: loss of laser head nozzle, and timely replacement of nozzle.Increase the pressure of cutting gas without replacing the new nozzle;The thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head is loose.At this point, the cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection state of the laser head, and retighten the thread.
    Laser cutting (high-power laser cutting), instead of using the method of blasting and drilling, USES the method of pulsed perforation (soft puncture), which makes the laser energy concentrate in a small area and scorches the non-processing area, resulting in hole deformation and affecting the processing quality.In order to solve this problem, pulse perforation (soft puncture) should be replaced by blasting perforation (ordinary puncture) in the process of processing.For less powerful laser cutting, however, the opposite is true.In order to obtain a better surface finish, pulse perforation must be used.
    Therefore, different perforation methods should be selected according to different forces in laser cutting.
    Laser cutting is the heat generated by a laser transmitter, which melts the metal in order to do so.Laser cutting.The so-called radiation, if there is light, there is radiation, but the radiation energy is strong or weak.According to the wave-particle duality of light, there is radiation, but the intensity of energy radiation is similar to that produced by flame combustion.It is harmless to human body.Don't worry about it.Ningbo laser cutting, Cixi laser cutting, Shaoxing laser cutting.
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