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What problems do engraving machines often have
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    Engraving machine as a large machine, often due to improper operation or machine parts themselves and problems, let's take a look at the problems often occur and solutions.
    1:Engraving machine empty cut
    Cause 1, optical path offset 2, laser power damage 3, related circuit or line damage 4, laser tube damage or aging 5, ammeter damage
    Solutions :1, refer to the manual, adjust the optical path 2, replace the laser power supply 3, replace the circuit or circuit 4, replace the laser tube 5, replace the ammeter
    2:Engraving machine does not engraving related questions
    Possible causes :1. Whether the power supply is AC22050H2, powered on; 3. Whether to open the switch; 
    Solution :1. Plug in the engraving electromechanical source and turn on the switch; 2. Press the start button to send the legal file containing the carving content; 
    3: When opening the software, the computer prompts "failed to open the card, please check the card" prompt
    Solution :1. Check whether the driver of the board card is installed, and change the board card to a PCI slot; 2. Reinstall the two data connecting wires and check whether there is any phenomenon of broken needle;3,a problem with board card, replace board card fourteen: when          4:opening the software, prompt: three-axis alarm, initialization error number four   
    Solution :1. Check whether the two data cables of the computer and the machine are properly connected;2. Check whether the fuse of the transfer board in the control box is burned off and change the fuse;3. Check whether the 5V12V power supply is normal
    5 engrave appear dislocation, or dimension is wrong
    Solution :1. Check whether the path of engraving software is correct or not;2. Check the clearance size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of the polished rod is loose;3,Check whether the setting of software parameters is correct or not; 4. Check whether the ground wire is properly connected; 
    6 :X axis walk a certain section of the axis do not lift the knife, press up to go down
    Solution :1. Check the normal operation of the b-shaft motor, power and drive current;2. Check whether the shaft motor wire has bad contact or discontinuous
    7 spindle motor does not turn or reverse
    Solution :1. Check the parameter setting of frequency converter; 2.3. Check whether the wires connecting the inverter and the control box are in good contact; 4. If the inverter wiring is in good condition, the motor is broken if the motor does not turn
    8: The phenomenon of stabbing knives
    Solutions :1. The z-axis motor is not powerful enough, and the coupling is loose; 2.2. The current of shaft driver is too low, or the signal wire is wrong. 3
    9: Open the software boot, the axis closed
    Solution :1. Problems with the driver or bad contact of the computer output signal line;2. Motor wire contact is poor.3. Check whether the parameters set in the software are correct
    10: The phenomenon of limit position appears in the carving process
    Solution 1: Check whether the engraving path exceeds the engraving range;2. Soft limit of parameter setting in software
    11: The machine is not powered on when starting
    Solution :1. Check whether the start button wire is properly connected and whether the button is burned out;3. Check whether the emergency stop switch is on. 4. Check whether the fuse is burned out
    12: when the button moves, the axis goes in only one direction
    Solution 1. Check whether the line of optical lotus root is working normally and whether the line is in good contact;2. Check whether there is virtual welding in the motor circuit
    13, engraving machine work in the process of spindle motor suddenly stop or slow
    Solution :1, the working voltage is unstable or over load, add a voltage stabilizer can;2. Check whether the intermediate wire is properly connected and whether the thread ends are unwelded.
    14, engraving machine set origin, sometimes forward, to the right offset distance is uncertain
    Solution :1. The limit switch fails. When the system returns to the origin of the system, the limit switch has closed and bounced off.Just change the limit switch;2. Loose drive cable.Just try to fasten it down.
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