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How to improve the efficiency of engraving machine
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    How to improve the working efficiency of woodworking engraving machine:
    1, because woodworking carving machine is often equipped with multi-functional pliers or clamp head, and they are made of iron, so easy to be carved objects caused damage or make it fall in the process of carving, then choose some rubber cap or rubber pipe for the fixed objects will be helpful.
    2. If the downforce on the object to be carved is very large, consider whether you must use the nose of a conical knife. If the diamond head of the engraver moves too much during engraving, the pressure on the side of the tool will cause the object to move.The same problem can occur if the wrong diamond knife is used.A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will go deep into the material and cause the material to move as it is carved.
    3. For sculptured objects of irregular shape, the surface appears to have been fixed tightly, and will sway back and forth when subjected to downforce.In this case, try lining the object with scrap material to increase friction.The other thing is to retain the packaging of the object. Although the object is irregular shape, the package with itself may be very regular and easy to be fixed. With a small strip, the object with irregular shape is easy to be fixed.Or try the tool to fix the regular parts and discard the irregular parts.

    What are the causes of the following problems in engraving machine?
    One: engraving machine one axis or three axis do not walk or walk abnormal
    1: The control card is loose or out of order.2: Drive failure of corresponding shaft.3. Failure of corresponding shaft stepping motor.4: The corresponding shaft coupling breaks or becomes loose.5: The corresponding screw rod breaks or the screw nut fails.6: The sliding speed of the corresponding shaft fails.: Driver fine fraction, current, different from the Settings in the software.
    Two: Engraving machine Z axis out of control
    1: The control card is loose or out of order.2: Electrostatic interference.3: Z-axis motor wire failure 4: file path error 5: Frequency converter interference 6: computer system problem or virus 7: operation error
    Three: error
    1: loose control card or fault 2: driver fault 3: stepper motor fault 4: electrostatic interference 5: motor line fault 6: Data line fault 7: path wrong 8: coupling broken or loose 9: machining speed too fast 10: computer system problem or virus
    Four: The carving varies in depth
    1: loose control card or fault 2: step motor fault 3: driver fault or current subdivision is not consistent with the software Settings 4;Z-axis motor wire fault 5: spindle motor fault 6: frequency converter interference or incorrect data setting 7: electrostatic interference 8: computer virus or system problem
    Five: carving
    1: control card fault 2: inverter interference 3: file path error 4: electrostatic interference 5: Software setup problem 6: drive fault or current subdivision setting wrong 7: Data line fault 8: computer virus or system problem
    Six: Uneven bottom washing by carving machine
    1: The spindle is not perpendicular to the table.Need to correct 2: Tool has problem 3: control card has problem
    Seven: engraving machine can not return to the mechanical origin normally
    1: Opposite direction 2: control card fault or loose 3: limit switch or data line fault 4: driver fault 5: step motor fault
    Eight: Engraving machine engraving line wider how to do?
    The solution:1. Adjust the focal length of the focusing tube; 
    Nine: engraving machine computer signal cannot transmit
    Causes:1. Incorrect setting of software parameters 2. No connection between machine and computer 3. Problem with computer serial port 
    Solution :1. Reset the parameters; 2. Press the "go offline" key to turn off the offline light; 
    Ten: engraving machine sound abnormal
    The reasons are as follows: 1. There are barriers between the trolley and the guide in the traveling route; 2. The trolley is detached from the guide; 
    Solution :1. Remove the barrier; 2. Straighten the trolley; 3. Modify the original coordinates
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