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What materials can a laser cutting machine cut?
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    Laser cutting machines are more and more widely used, so what materials can they cut?Are the materials cut by different laser machines the same?
    1. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is usually used for cutting metal materials:
    Structural steel
    You get better results by cutting the material with oxygen.When oxygen is used as a process gas, the blade is slightly oxidized.Plate thickness up to 4mm, nitrogen as a process gas, high pressure cutting.In this case, the tip is not oxidized.In laser processing of plates with a thickness of 10 mm or more, special plates and oil coated on the surface of the workpiece can be used to obtain better processing results. 
    Stainless steel
    Cutting stainless steel requires the use of oxygen, in the case of marginal oxidation is not important;Nitrogen does not require further treatment to obtain oxidization-free burr edges.Under the condition of not reducing the processing quality, the perforated plate surface coating effect is better. 
    Aluminium with a thickness of less than 6mm can be cut, depending on the type of alloy and the laser, despite its high reflectivity and thermal conductivity.In oxygen cutting, the cutting surface is rough and hard.Nitrogen cuts a smooth surface.Due to the high purity of pure aluminum, it is difficult to cut. Pure aluminum is only installed on the reflection and absorption device of the system, otherwise it will damage the optical elements. 
    The titanium plates are cut with argon and nitrogen as processing gases.For other parameters refer to nickel-chromium steel.
    Copper and brass
    Both materials have high reflectivity and good thermal conductivity.Brass of 1mm or less thickness may be cut with nitrogen gas;Copper thickness of 2mm or less can be cut and the gas treated with oxygen.When cutting copper and brass, a unique reflection-absorbing device is installed on the system.Otherwise, the reflection will damage the optical element. 
    2. CO2 laser cutting machine is usually used for cutting non-metallic materials:
    Acrylic acid (also known as plexiglass, Lucite, PMMA).ABS(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).Mylar(polyester).Delrin(POM, acetal).Kapton tape (polyimide)6. Nylon.7. Styrene.8. Polypropylene (PP).9. Polyethylene (PE).10. Polyethylene terephthalate (PETG).11. Two-color acrylic - Top core material with different colors, commonly used to customize instrument panels, signs and plaques.High density polyethylene (HDPE). 
    Bubble: 1. The EPM.2.Depron foam - commonly used on RC aircraft.3. The foam core of the crocodile is burned and eaten as compared to the hard shell at the top and bottom. 
    Medium density fiberboard, plywood, rubber, birch, poplar, red oak, cherry, Holly, etc
    Cloth (leather, fabric, suede, felt, hemp, cotton)
    Synthetic materials are dangerous and can reduce the emission of harmful substances. Remember to cut synthetic materials.Processability of synthetic materials: thermoplastics, thermosetting materials and synthetic rubber. 
    Organics The cutting of all organic materials. 
    Of course, you can also choose a hybrid laser cutter for cutting metal and nonmetal materials. 
fiber laser machine

    Fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with different fiber laser sources, such as mercerization, IPG, etc., which will affect the cutting accuracy. In addition, metal materials of different thickness and hardness will also affect the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines.
    What are the factors that determine the cutting accuracy?
    When we want to use fiber to cut metal more accurately with laser cutting machine, we must understand what aspects will affect the accuracy of cutting, we will briefly introduce the following:
    1. The output laser beam is tapered, so is the cutting slit. In this case, the slit of 1mm stainless steel will be much smaller than the slit of 4mm thick.Therefore, the shape of laser beam is the main factor affecting the cutting accuracy.Under the conical laser beam, the thicker the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, and the larger the cutting seam. 
    2. When the conical laser beam is concentrated, the smaller the laser point, the higher the laser cutting accuracy, especially the smaller the slit width.At this point, the minimum spot can be up to 0.01mm.This is also one of the factors that affect the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine. 
    3. In this case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different.Even if the same material is used, the precision of cutting will vary if the material composition is different.Therefore, the workpiece material also has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy. 
    4. The precision of the worktable. If the worktable is not accurate or for other reasons, high-precision laser cutting effect will be produced. 
    Stainless steel has higher precision cutting than aluminum, copper and brass under the same conditions. 
fiber laser machine

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