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CNC machining technology has changed our life
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    As a beginner to CNC machines, or if you are using CNC machines, you should know the benefits of CNC (computer numerical control) machining.Its specific application is CNC machine tools, each machine has a great difference, all these precision CNC machine tools have been widely used in various industries.Here are some of the main benefits that numerical control technology provides.
    1. Automation
    All forms of CNC machine tools are more automated.The skill level of the operator in the production process can be reduced or eliminated.Many CNC machine tools can operate unattended throughout their entire processing cycle, allowing the operator to perform other tasks freely.This brings several benefits to CNC users, including reduced operator fatigue, reduced errors due to human error, and consistent and predictable machining time per piece. 
    2. Precision
    The second major benefit of CNC technology is the consistency and accuracy of the workpiece.Today's CNC machine tools have a typical accuracy of 2 to 4 thousandths of an inch or 0.05 to 0.10 mm and repeatability close to or over 80,000 parts of an inch or 0.02mm.This means that once a program is validated, two, ten, or a thousand identical artifacts can easily be produced with the same precision and consistency. 
    3. Flexibility
    The third advantage of most CNC machines is flexibility.Since these machines are run from computer programs, running different artifacts is as easy as loading different programs.This will bring another benefit, namely rapid conversion.Because these machines are very easy to set up and run, and because programs can be easily loaded, they allow very short setup times.This is critical in today's just-in-time production environment. 
    The resulting reduction in the number of machines required in the wood-making shop is another noteworthy benefit.In the past, it took a lot of special machines to make furniture or cabinets.With the advent of numerical control technology, this reality has changed dramatically.Less time spent between work centers means faster production times.Less work in Process (WIP) also translates into lower inventories and investments in non-value-added resources.The result is reduced demand for machinery, simplified employee workloads, reduced waste, and maximized productivity.
    CNC engraving machine does not rest, although the human operator has done it, he can prepare the work and let the machine perform by itself, while he is engaged in other work.For example, a company can run an engraving program when the machine is not planned for use.The engraving program runs for many hours while the operator performs other tasks, providing additional income for the business. 
    4. Limitations
    Machines are built to perform a set of functions optimally, and they are inherently less mobile and versatile than humans.Newer machines have evolved into multi-tasking and multi-purpose machines, and while CNC software technology still has some limitations, CNC machine tool manufacturers are constantly improving their machines, and creative users are looking for new ways of using them that go beyond their limitations. 
    5. Embedded technology
    Because the machine will operate under programmed control, the level of skill required for a CNC machine operator is also lower than for a worker using a conventional machine tool to produce a piece.This, of course, is offset by the skills offices need to draw and program machines. 

    When new cabinet door manufacturer is producing cabinet door, may encounter a few problems, be like: how to open cabinet door?Slotting, drilling to the carpenter's operation are very familiar, but then there is a cabinet processing center, cabinet CNC engraving machine, or other specialized drilling equipment should be how to open?Using cabinet processing center or cabinet door saw, the customer can directly set the punch press on the control system, so that the machine automatically carved drilling, grooving operations.Woodworking hole saw adopts this device, starting from the two ends of the door to draw 120 mm point, starting from the 21 mm drawing point of the side door, the intersection of the two lines is the center hole.The left side of Confucius can be completed 3-4 mm wide, while the more left side will increase the difficulty of your tone when pressing the door.The hole seems to be a relatively simple thing, but the size and location of the opening will affect the future use of high quality cabinet doors.
    Of course, with the gradual stability of the price and policy stimulation, a lot of people bought their own house, decorated, placed the topic, pay attention to the convenience of now, practical, and in the choice of the cabinet door, for more owners is preferable custom cabinet door.What's the point of a custom cabinet door?We found the origins of five organizations to tell you. 
    1. Make use of space properly, custom cabinet doors can be customized according to the size of your room to maximize spatial efficiency and make the room warmer and more beautiful.
    2. Any combination style, customized cabinet door can be combined according to your requirements, space rest assured.
    3. Pay attention to family privacy, can develop custom cabinet cabinet door according to their own safety requirements, properly keep private items, won't make you appear embarrassing scene.
    4. Increase usability, customized cabinet door can be customized according to your own preferences, but also personalized customized computer, TV, audio equipment, etc.
    5. Cover messy, cluttered homes, threaded holes and other areas that need to be covered by a custom cabinet door.
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