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How to use laser cutting machine in food industry
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    Several non-traditional devices are available for CNC cutting applications, such as laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines. 
    Abrasive water jet machining is noisy.It has high consumables and maintenance costs.It may also be confusing to the fact that abrasive and water may rebound in this process.Abrasive water jet machining has the advantages of less mechanical damage, less thermal damage and less burr.Because it is chaotic, it has high maintenance and consumption costs.Therefore, plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine have been widely used.
    In order to determine the machine most suitable for CNC cutting applications, the following criteria were considered:
    1. Ability to ensure the precision of parts.The manufacturing process should be efficient enough to handle mass production and have high repeatability to manufacture parts with required tolerances.The process should be flexible for manufacturing parts of all thicknesses without causing any significant time loss.In terms of tool changes.After machining parts, such as deburring or grinding, should require at least or no secondary machining.Processes should have minimal setup time.The process should also have a safe and clean working environment. 
    2. Fast and reliable driverless operation.This process should be automated to reduce labor.Non-value-added operations such as material handling (loading and unloading) should be minimized.Waste disposal or disposal should be effective.This process should be safe and reliable.Ease of use is a problem because training and retraining costs should be low. 
    3. Operating expenses shall be reduced.The operating cost of running and maintaining the equipment should be relatively low.The initial cost of the equipment will have a significant impact on operating costs.The factors that affect operating costs are manifold.Cutting speed, consumable cost and maintenance cost are some of the factors.In order to reduce operating costs, cutting speed should be high, less consumables, low maintenance costs. 
    Jinan ACCTEK laser cutting machine has solved the processing and application of CNC cutting machine.Samples of different material thickness are cut by laser.
    1. The operating cost of laser is one third of that of fine plasma.
    2. Excellent laser cutting quality.
    3. The cost of laser is 1/6 of that of fine plasma.
    4. Better laser aesthetics, including cleanliness. 
    Through comparison, laser cutting machine is more suitable for numerical control cutting application. 
laser machine

    As an automatic cutting tool, laser cutting machine has been widely used in woodworking and metal processing, but is rarely used in food processing. 
    Laser is the use of light, heating, discharge and other means to stimulate specific substances, and play a role in the resonant cavity, the material internal stimulated by the special light caused by radiation.Because of the high power and orientation of the laser beam, a very thin beam can be formed by using an appropriate optical focusing device, which can be used to cut metals and organic matter.Laser cutting is a very clean and hygienic non-contact process.In addition, the processing speed is fast, the processing amount is large, the cutting section is smooth and orderly, can be processed into any shape. 
    Laser cutting machine has a strong practical value in food processing.For example, laser-cut noodles, bread, fish, meat, bones, vegetables and fruits will make the slices smoother and better shaped.You can also cut out a special shape as a new product shape.
    Cutting food with a laser cutter is unmatched by any extraordinary chef, especially in the amount of actual cutting.Because laser cutters are photons at the front, they can cut organic molecules very sharply.The protein molecules are very large and can be cut with a laser, which will aid digestion.
    Laser cutters are used to cut cell membranes, nuclei and interstitial cells to release the tissue structure of nutrients and functional components.This is very helpful for the extraction of nutrients and functional substances, which can improve the yield and yield.For example, nucleic acid molecules are large enough to be cut into pieces by a laser.Enzymes are used to cut nucleic acids into nucleic acids, which are chemical cuts, while laser cutters are physical.
    After the nucleic acid fragment is cut by laser, the terminal will expose the cross section of non-molecular structure.They may be new physicochemical properties and functions.This is a subject worthy of further study and development.Using laser to cut the cell wall of yeast is a new wall technique, which is beneficial to the extraction of RNA.If the nucleus is cut off, that's good for DNA extraction.
    Therefore, laser cutting machine in food processing, whether practical application or research and development, are worth attention. 
    At present, laser cutting machines have industrial and medical products, using microcomputer control cutting speed and cutting line.If installed in a food processing line, knife surfaces can be replaced or partially replaced, expansion mixing tools, saw blades and drills can easily change some food processing characteristics and develop new products according to their characteristics.
    For example, fresh pork, beef, chicken and seafood are cut with laser cutting machine, bone, skin and fiber are cut together, no broken bone ends, less bleeding.Such as astragalus glue, jujube paste, donkey skin gelatin, yellow essence, rehmannia glutinosa, oyster, etc., can be cut with laser cutting machine.By using laser cutting machine to cut fish bones, not only the bones become shorter and thinner, but also the calcium, mucopolysaccharide sulfate and chondroitin beneficial components in fish bones can be used.
    The same process can be applied to the processing of animal bones and shells.The application of laser cutting machine can also make plant crude fiber, wood and so on become edible fiber "broken soft".Due to the high speed of laser beam, laser cutting and crushing of fixed devices in water or other liquid has considerable practical value in special food processing. 
laser machine

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