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2018 Exhibition in Russia
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In 2018, Acctek Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the machinery and equipment Exhibition held in Russia, a large country with a total area of 17.075 million square kilometers.Moscow is a large commercial center of the COMMONWEALTH of Independent States, with large Russian commercial and financial institutions located here.In general, the Russian market for China has "unlimited potential, emerging markets, opportune opportunities, future outlook" external opportunities.With the development of the engraving machine industry, the characteristics of the engraving machine industry gradually emerges in Russia. Machine tool show scope: ordinary lathe, CNC machine tools, turning lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, planer, electric spark wire cutting machine, edm (electric discharge) molding machine, injection molding machine, metal cutting and forming machine, welding and gas cutting machine, etc.;Our colleagues who compete with other companies are also constantly improving their own equipment, striving to be outstanding in the industry, constantly challenging and improving.
Acctek Exhibition
Acctek Exhibition

Acctek Exhibition

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