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Working video of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from Italian user
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Fiber laser cutting machine
The ACCTEK CNC fiber laser cutting machine has arrived in Italy. After using it for a period of time, the customer sent us feedback showing the process of cutting metal by the machine. Italian user is very satisfied with the efficient laser metal cutting machine.
The machine adopts Swiss Raytools brand auto-focusing cutting head, which can high-speed perforation and cutting of various material thickness, and the repeating precision is 0.01mm. Automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focusing, the adjustment range is -10-+10mm.The focusing speed reaches 400mm/s, more efficient. IP65 dust-proof design, fully protect internal optical components and extend service life. Built-in collimating lens focusing lens double water cooling structure, reducing the temperature of the cutting head and prolonging the service life of the cutting head.
Fiber laser cutting metal
Fiber cutting technology is the most advanced metal cutting process, it can easily cut very thick steel plates, with fast cutting speed and very accurate precision. The fiber laser cutting machine has excellent characteristics for cutting metal materials, and there will be no problems such as burrs on the edge of the cutting board. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular with metal manufacturers.
To learn about the same machine of Italian user, you can click on the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530.

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