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Praise from user in Bosnia & Herzegovina on the Laser Welding Machine
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Laser welding machine
The laser welding machine AKH-1500 has been used in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of time. Its good working performance and simple operation method make user very satisfied. The laser welding machine adopts a non-contact welding process, and there is no welding waste spatter. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding technology is safer and more environmentally friendly.
Due to the small spot size of laser welding technology, the adhesion between the two materials can be better during the welding process without causing damage and deformation of the surface of the material. So after the welding is completed, there is no need to do secondary treatment to the weld. Using lasers, many different materials can be welded or joined, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel alloys.
Laser welding
ACCTEK fiber laser welding machine adopts a hand-held welding head, and the connection cable between the machine and the welding gun is 10m long. You can easily complete the welding work of any metal project in the workshop without moving the machine. If your workshop area is large, you can order 15m or 20m of connecting cables to be able to use the laser welding machine in a wider range.
To learn more about the same machine of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can click on the laser welding machine AKH-1000.

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