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How to choose the suitable fiber laser cutting machine for metal
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Fiber laser cutting machine
With the gradual improvement of metal processing methods and processing requirements, traditional metal cutting equipment can no longer meet the complex processing needs. In order to improve the processing efficiency and workpiece quality of metal projects, fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly used in metal manufacturing.
Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, short production cycle, non-contact processing, lower production cost, and increase production efficiency. Many metal manufacturers hope to replace traditional processing methods with laser cutting machines. But for the customer who buys fiber laser cutting machine for the first time, how to choose the right laser metal cutting machine? The following are some points to note.
Understand the metal material to be processed and choose the appropriate laser machine specifications.
The fiber laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal plates and tubes, and is mainly suitable for cutting metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and alloys. Before you choose a fiber laser cutting machine, you need to understand your processing materials. According to the size and length of the material, choose the worktable size of the laser machine. Choose the appropriate laser power according to the thickness of the material and your requirements for cutting speed and cutting accuracy.
laser metal cutting
Compared with other equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of small cutting burrs, no slag inclusion, etc., which can save secondary processing and production time. Therefore, when purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, the processing accuracy of the equipment, the moving speed during the cutting process, and whether the operation is complicated, safe, and environmentally friendly are all key factors that need to be considered.
It is also very important to examine the comprehensive strength of laser equipment manufacturers. When buying a fiber laser cutting machine. You need to understand the production scale and technical support capabilities of the laser equipment manufacturer. If you need to purchase multiple equipment at the same time, you should better go to the factory to visit.
Manufacturers with strong comprehensive strength are more assured in product quality and sales services. At the same time, you need to understand the technical team of the laser manufacturer so that when you need technical support, the engineer can help you.
The ACCTEK production base covers an area of 10,000 square meters. You can learn about the production process of laser cutting equipment in the factory. The engineer will show you the process of fiber laser cutting metal, so that you can truly understand the cutting speed and cutting effect of the laser equipment.
ACCTEK factory
Finally, choose metal cutting equipment according to your existing budget. For fiber laser cutting machines, the price will vary greatly due to different accessories and different laser power. Therefore, you need to learn more about the equipment information provided by multiple suppliers and choose the laser equipment that is more suitable for your workshop needs.
ACCTEK focuses on the research and development, production and sales of laser cutting equipment, has many years of experience in the laser industry. According to the development needs of the market, we will continue to innovate technology and strive to provide users with a better device experience. Our laser products include Flatbed fiber laser cutting machine, Tube fiber laser cutting machine, Sheet & Tube dual-use fiber laser cutting machine, which can provide diversity laser equipment choice for you. 

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