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The company organizes group Tours

 The company organizes group travel activities, and organizes group travel activities for outstanding sales teams.

 This time we came to the beautiful Sun Moon Lake located in Taiwan Province, North of Alishan, can be high in the south of the Village of Nantou County Yuchi Shuishe village, formerly known as Shuisha Lian, Longhu, Shuishe Lake, Zhutan, Shuangtan, also known as Shuili Community.

Sun Moon Lake is 748 meters above sea level, with a normal area of 7.93 (10 at full water level). The maximum water depth is 27 meters, and the perimeter of the lake is about 37 kilometers. It is one of the freshwater lakes with the most alien species in Taiwan, China.It is bounded by Guanghua Island, with the north half lake shaped like a full sun and the south half lake shaped like a crescent moon.


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