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What metal materials can a laser cutting machine cut
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    A laser cutting machine can cut a lot of metals, so let's look at which metals can be cut.
    1. Titanium and alloy
    Pure titanium can well match the heat energy converted by the focused laser beam. When the auxiliary gas is oxygen, the chemical reaction is very strong and the cutting speed is fast, but it is easy to generate oxide layer at the edge of the blade. If not careful, it will cause excessive combustion.For safety reasons, it is generally better to use air as auxiliary gas to ensure cutting quality.
    Laser cutting of titanium alloy commonly used in aircraft manufacturing industry has good machining quality. Although there is a small amount of slag at the bottom of the cutting seam, it is easy to remove.
    2. Nickel alloy
    Nickel-based alloys are also called superalloys.There are many varieties, most of which can be cut by oxidizing smelting.
    3, carbon steel
    The maximum thickness of medium plate laser cutting machine can be up to 50 mm.The cutting joints of carbon steel can be controlled within a satisfactory width by using oxidized melt cutting, and the cutting joints of thin plate can be reduced to about 0.1mm.
    4. Stainless steel
    Laser cutting is an effective tool for the manufacturing industry with stainless steel plates as main components.In the laser cutting process, under the condition of strict control of heat input, the heat influence range of cutting edge can be limited to a very small range, thus effectively maintaining the good corrosion resistance of the material.
    5. Alloy steel
    Most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels can be laser-cut to obtain good cutting quality.Even some high strength materials, as long as the control of the process parameters, can also be direct and non-stick slag.However, high - speed tool steel and tungsten - containing hot die steel will appear erosion and slag during laser cutting.
    In addition to the above five kinds, laser cutting machine can also cut a lot of metal materials, the key to laser cutting is to ensure the cutting accuracy of metal materials.In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the section is smooth without stress deformation.The use of laser cutting machine saves the secondary processing technology of sheet metal, improves the material output, improves the product quality and production cycle, and saves more costs for enterprises.
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    In today's society, both men and women pay more and more attention to fitness to keep healthy, and gradually formed a fitness trend.People's demand for fitness equipment is increasing, with the increase in the demand for fitness equipment, fitness equipment market is also growing.
    In order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, improve product market competitiveness, more and more fitness equipment companies began to apply.Laser cutting machine equipment.
    In fact, laser cutting machine equipment in the early stage has been widely used in other fields.Although the fitness industry has been around for a while, it has only really caught on in recent years, so the use of laser cutting equipment is relatively late.
    Compared with the traditional cutting technology, laser cutting technology has higher quality and shorter processing steps.Traditional sheet metal cutting requires cutting, stamping, bending and other processes, which consume the mold.The cost is also higher, and laser cutting machine equipment does not need these processes, the whole cutting process is fast and efficient.
    Fitness equipment products use a large number of pipe fittings, so in the production of fitness equipment, the frequency of pipe processing is higher.Pipeline cutting and blanking are commonly used in manufacturing engineering.Traditional cutting technology can not adapt to the current manufacturing needs, so the use of high efficiency, high precision laser cutting machine equipment is the trend of The Times.
    There are a variety of types of jumping laser cutting machine this equipment and laser pipe cutting machine equipment can complete the cutting of various shapes of the pipe, and can be arbitrarily complex curve graphics processing of the pipe surface.It is not limited by the graph or the length of the pipe.For secondary processing, welding can be carried out directly, greatly shortening the production cycle, and the application of laser cutting equipment can create more value for enterprises.

    Causes and treatment of edge burning of laser cutting machine
    Cause analysis of Burning edge and slag hanging of Sheet Metal Parts laser cutting machine:
    Laser cutting boards can produce a lot of heat.Under normal conditions, the heat generated by the cutting is diffused along the cutting joint to the metal being machined to obtain sufficient cooling.
    Especially in metal processing laser cutting hole can be completely cooled outside, but the internal heat diffusion space is too small, the heat is too concentrated, resulting in overheating, suspension slag and other phenomena.In addition, the heat accumulation on the metal melt and material surface during the perforation process will lead to the disturbance of auxiliary air flow, and excessive heat input will lead to overheating in the thick plate cutting process.
    How to solve the problem of side burning and slag hanging?
    Laser cutting carbon steel holes: When using oxygen as auxiliary gas to cut carbon steel, the key to solve the problem lies in how to suppress the generation of oxidation reaction heat, that is, in the process of perforation, it can be cut off with auxiliary oxygen and then switched to the auxiliary air or nitrogen.
    The pulse cutting conditions with low frequency and peak output power can reduce the heat output and help to optimize the cutting conditions.Under the condition of monopulse laser beam, the peak value output and low frequency can effectively reduce the accumulation of metal melt on the material surface and inhibit the thermal output of the material.
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