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How is the laser cutting machine used in the automotive industry
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    With the increasing popularity of laser cutting machine, it has appeared in all walks of life, let's take a look at the laser cutting machine in which industries shine.
    In the sheet metal industry, there are many cutting methods.In addition to the traditional cutting technology, laser cutting equipment has emerged in recent years.Laser cutting equipment is a high energy density laser beam shining on the processed sheet metal workpiece to heat melting, and then use high pressure gas to blow away the slag to complete the cutting.The equipment features are as follows:
    1. Laser processing has the characteristics of high energy density, short action time, small thermal deformation and low thermal stress in the heat-affected area.In addition, laser cutting is used for non-mechanical contact processing, it has no mechanical stress on the workpiece, suitable for precision machining.
    2. The high energy density of laser in the equipment is enough to melt any kind of plate, especially suitable for the metal plate with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point which is difficult to be processed by other processes.
    3. The laser cutting machine has a slit, good slit roughness, high precision does not need to complete the follow-up processing after the second processing.
    4, the laser cutting equipment itself has a computer system, can easily arrange and modify the program, suitable for personalized processing, especially suitable for some complex shape of sheet metal parts.This laser cutting machine is different from other traditional cutting techniques and traditional cutting.This process requires a lot of people to operate.After the installation of laser cutting machine equipment, only the staff to carry out basic computer operations.
    5. Due to the low noise and no pollution from laser cutting machine, the working environment has been better improved for the staff working in the closed environment all year round.
    6. Laser cutting machine equipment can save more costs for users.The initial investment and purchase of laser cutting machine equipment is relatively large, but if the equipment is used for a long time, the workpiece will be processed through mass production in the use process, the cost will be lower and lower.
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    Car manufacturing is also a service industry.In today's society, the automobile base is getting bigger and bigger, and the market is also getting broader and broader.As a car manufacturer, in addition to considering the cost, the quality is the most stringent requirements of the auto parts welding once there is a problem, will lead to welding instability, overall instability.It may not be a problem when you start driving, but the car's life span is over a few years.If something goes wrong during this period, it will threaten driving.Personal safety.
    After the introduction of metal laser welder considering the cost at the same time, the product quality can be optimized.Laser welding of auto parts can reduce the number of parts and molds, the number of spot welding, the number of materials, the cost and the dimensional accuracy.
    Laser welded steel plates are much better than ordinary welded ones.In addition, the width of the interface between the workpiece connections will also be reduced.In addition to reducing the use of boards, the overall stiffness of the vehicle is improved even for longer driving times.For several years, it was also very safe.In addition, the laser welding machine can make the automobile welding part without stress and deformation, and the welding machine does not need heat treatment in the operation process, with greater flexibility.
    Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding is a kind of non-contact welding which does not require pressure during operation.High welding speed, high efficiency, great depth and small deformation.It can weld the laser welding equipment in room temperature or special conditions is simple, not affected by magnetic field, accurate positioning, micro welding, suitable for mass production of micro car parts group welding.The operation requirements of laser welding technology are not high.You just need to know the basics of computers.Even ordinary employees can operate it, which can save a lot of manpower.

    In recent years, the new energy automobile industry develops rapidly.As a new form of transportation, it is supported by "unlimited travel and a" limited quantity policy."At the same time, in response to the slogan of green tourism, safety and environmental protection, more and more customers buy new energy vehicles. While the market demand is growing rapidly, in order to ensure high production efficiency and high quality of metal.Laser welder has been widely used in the manufacture of new energy vehicles.
    A total of 33,300 new energy vehicles were sold in China in 2015, according to public information.By 2018, total new-energy vehicle sales reached 256,000 units, a fourfold increase in three years.New energy vehicles use light technology to make cars.This manufacturing technology can improve fuel economy, reduce pollutants and reduce carbon emissions, and the practice of these advantages fully benefits from its core component of lithium-ion power batteries.
    However, as the power core component of a new type of automobile, lithium ion power battery has the characteristics of many welding parts, great difficulty and high precision requirements.The traditional welding technology is not suitable for the processing of lithium ion battery and metal.Depending on the advantages of high processing efficiency and high quality, laser welder has been purchased and used by major manufacturers.
    As a new welding equipment, the welded parts have the advantages of small deformation, high welding quality, small loss of welding materials, stable equipment in the welding process, and easy operation.It can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the battery and prolong the service life of the battery by applying it to the welding of lithium ion power battery.In the field of lithium ion power battery manufacturing, metal laser welding equipment has realized the combination of automation and intelligent system, which helps the new energy automobile manufacturing industry to develop towards intelligent direction.
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