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What is the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine
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    What is the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine?
    When we use metal fiber laser cutting machines, we must first understand their performance, because when the performance is more complete, we can play its effect. When metal fiber laser cutting machines are used by sheet metal processing companies, they will find that their performance is very stable, especially for cutting machines produced by big brands and manufacturers. And their service life is very long, even if they are used for more than ten years, even decades, there will be no problems.
    In addition, when sheet metal processing companies use metal fibers, the results of the laser cutting machine show that the cutting process of the laser equipment is very advanced, which can instantly evaporate the cutting surface and achieve the cutting effect in a short time. Therefore, when choosing testing equipment, you must choose big-brand, high-quality equipment.
    The metal fiber laser cutting machine can reduce manpower and material resources and reduce cost waste.

    The fiber laser sheet metal processing industry has a wide range of products.
    The bright cutting technology can be grafted on the traditional 3-6m format machine, and can also be matched with the large 3-24m format series. Considering the wide variety of products in the sheet metal processing industry and different customer needs, it is recommended to use a laser with a power of more than 3000 watts to solve the problem of cutting carbon steel within 20 mm and stainless steel within 10 mm.
    For customers who need to upgrade the laser cutting equipment of the processing station, bw 6000 CNC. Fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutting product. It has super high cost performance, mastered core light source technology, low maintenance cost, and can solve the problem of high return on investment for customers and high equipment maintenance cost.
    The biggest feature of laser processing technology is that it can be processed without molds. The use of laser blanking can save a lot of molds, shorten production time, reduce product costs, and better gain advantages in the market, which is conducive to the production of various small batch products and large batch products.
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    Can the fiber laser cutting machine be customized?
    We all know that the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine tube is very outstanding, but if the workpiece we need to produce is particularly strict, then if there are special needs, can the fiber laser cutting machine be customized?
    The answer is yes, because if you have more complex requirements for the model of the laser cutting machine or stricter performance requirements for the fiber laser cutting machine, then the manufacturer is trying to meet various needs. Then, this equipment product can also be customized. You need to communicate with the designer of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and then they will make a customized production design according to your needs. The equipment produced will be tested first to determine whether it can meet customer needs.
    In short, ACCTEK will adhere to the people-oriented concept to make the production of metal laser cutting machines more efficient and faster. It can make it bear the most important responsibility in the production of enterprises in this industry.

    How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer?
    Many people do not know how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer when purchasing. After all, the price of the equipment is very expensive. If the manufacturer is not selected properly, it is likely to result in poor equipment quality. So how to choose?
    You can compare the evaluation of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and the industry. If there are more negative reviews, you'd better not choose such a manufacturer.
    You should look at whether the equipment provided by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer is relatively stable at work. Because it is necessary to ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine can efficiently complete the cutting work and achieve high-precision cutting results.

    Compared with other cutting machines, what are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines?
    There are many different types of laser cutting machines, including carbon dioxide laser cutting machines or fiber laser cutting machines. What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines compared to other laser cutting machines?
    The first is the fiber laser cutting machine, which can flexibly adjust the metal deformable parts according to the processing needs. It does not need to make a mold, which can save more time and energy, which cannot be achieved by traditional technology. And it can improve the dimensional accuracy of parts, because when cutting, it is necessary to hope that the accuracy of the workpiece is relatively high, and try to avoid some large deviations. The fiber laser cutting machine can do this.
    In some high-precision and high-efficiency cutting work, the fiber laser cutting machine has a more environmentally friendly concept, which meets the current needs of environmental protection, is more energy-saving, and achieves low power consumption. Therefore, we suggest that you can choose ACCTEK.
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