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How to regularly maintain the laser cutting machine
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    Regular maintenance of laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine is a kind of high-power heavy industrial equipment. Its good performance will help enterprises improve efficiency, track work more smoothly, and also reduce costs. Therefore, attention should be paid to the operation of the equipment and the maintenance of the equipment frequently to improve the service life of the equipment, thereby effectively reducing the impact of the environment on the components and enabling them to operate efficiently and trouble-free for a long time.
    Laser is one of the core components of laser cutting machine. Its importance is self-evident. We need to develop a more detailed maintenance plan and maintain the equipment on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to the "maintenance manual".
    Daily maintenance 1 time
1) Before starting the machine every day, carefully check the pressure of the working gas and the auxiliary gas of the cutting laser. If the air pressure is not enough, replace it in time.
2) Check whether the cooling water pressure is maintained between 3.5 and 5 bar.
3) Detect the cooling water temperature. The temperature of the water required by the selected laser is the first choice.
4) Check the oil level in the laser vacuum pump, if it is not enough, add it.
5) Check whether the oil, water, and gas circuits of the laser leak, and whether the pneumatic components and pipe joints of the vacuum pump and resonator leak.
    Maintain the laser twice a week
1) Check whether the gas mixing device of the laser has oil and water (if any), and clean it in time; check the gas drying filter of the laser, if more than 1/4 of the color becomes red or white, replace it with its normal color It is blue.
2) Check the filter of the water cooler for impurities.
3) Check the impurities in the laser cooling water circuit.
4) Check the condensate level of the compressed air separator (located in the air supply device). Check the oil level of the vacuum pump (under the air supply device). When the pump is cold, the oil level should be between +5mm-0mm of the center line of the oil window, and refuel when necessary.
5) Check the oil level of the root pump. The oil level in the gear pump gearbox can be seen from the oil window on the end face of the gearbox. When the pump is off and in a cold state, the oil level should be within +5mm-0mm of the glass center line, and htcl 2100 oil should be added if necessary.
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    Laser repair every six months
1) Check whether the cooling water pipe of the laser head is corroded. If so, deal with or replace the pipeline in time.
2) Check whether the oil tank of the excitation power supply is leaking.
3) Check whether the high-voltage cable is damaged.
4) Check and clean the inside of the laser cavity and all lenses, including front window mirrors, tail mirrors, reflectors, etc.
5) After cleaning the lens inside the laser, adjust the output mode of the laser until the correct output mode is reached.
6) Replace the vacuum pump oil.
7) Replace the tooth root pump oil.
8) Tighten all plugs carefully to ensure the tightness of the root pump.
9) There is a white plastic plug at the bleed air outlet at the outlet of the pump. Clean the plug and coat the inner surface with silicone grease. The purpose of silicone grease is to absorb and trap physical impurities in the laser circulating gas. (Only use silicone-free high vacuum grease, it should be very thin.)
    In addition to daily maintenance of the laser, the machine tool and cooling fan should also be maintained. If any part is damaged during the use of the machine, it must be replaced in time to fundamentally ensure the normal production of the machine. It not only protects the machine tool itself, but also ensures that the laser cutting machine always maintains the ideal cutting effect.

    Why fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream of sheet metal processing industry
    Fiber laser cutting machine has good performance in many fields. In the sheet metal field, the requirements for equipment are very high, but the fiber laser cutting machine still shows strong strength.
    For sheet metal processing enterprises, the processing of sheet metal materials is essential. Before the appearance of laser cutting machines, large-scale cutting machines were generally used for cutting, in which the precision of the processed materials was not high, but the cost was high. However, after the appearance of laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines can be used for processing, which greatly improves efficiency.
    At present, the fiber laser cutting machine has developed a high-power model to meet the processing needs. There is no problem in the sheet metal industry. Since the fiber laser cutting machine itself has advantages over other laser cutting machines, we take it for granted.
    Fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages and high material utilization rate. The cutting quality is high, without burrs and burns, and the incision is flat and even. The cutting efficiency is about 3 times that of traditional processing, but the processing cost is low, and it only needs to consume power and auxiliary gas.
    ACCTEK focuses on the research and production of fiber laser cutting machines. Its products are distributed in many countries and regions. If you have any questions about fiber laser cutting machine, please contact us.
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