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What are the characteristics of CNC engraving machine
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    What are the characteristics of CNC engraving machine?
    CNc engraving machine is the combination of CNC technology and engraving technology.As a special CNC machine tool, it grasps the engraving action of the engraving machine by executing corresponding machining sequence code through the CNC system.It is not convenient to carve real, fine and lasting two-dimensional figures, text and three-dimensional flat relief on various soft materials (plexiglass, two-color board, multi-layer board, board, sub-angle board, wood, rubber, etc.).Hard materials (brass, aluminum, stainless steel, Qin Alloy, etc.).Realized automatic, high - efficiency, high - precision engraving.
    CNC engraving machine has the following important characteristics
    First, highly automated.All the engraving process is automatically realized by CNC engraving machine without manual operation.
    Second, the product has high dimensional accuracy and good consistency.The process of engraving is realized by computer, and high precision is achieved.When the surface quality is processed in batches, the product has good consistency.
    Third, it expands the scope of sculpture.CNC engraving machine can achieve relief and various complex surface engraving by executing various corresponding processing codes and various cutting tools to improve the engraving effect.

    CNC router tool maintenance methods
    Tool maintenance and sharpening are also important issues.When a task is done, no matter how tired you are, you should put your tools together first and then take a rest.If you want to use them after a period of time, you should repair the tools, or grease them (to prevent dampness and rust), and put them in a toolbox or tool bag by category for next use.The CNC router's cutting machine is like a human hand.If we don't cherish him, he can't do a good job.Let's talk about how to maintain this tool.
    First, the coat should be of appropriate size, cross section, wear, not round enough, taper of inner hole.Otherwise, it will cause the handle to vibrate, which will not achieve the ideal carving effect.
    Second, contact between handles should be gentle.The handle should not only be firmly inserted into the jacket, but also tightened.If the inner hole of the coat is deformed due to long use, it should be replaced immediately.
    Third, check the toughness of the tool frequently.If the tool is blunt, it should be replaced immediately because not only is the engraving less effective, but the tool can be broken.
    Fourth, the woodworking CNC router should pay attention to the use of the machining thickness should not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, otherwise the tool will still break.
    Fifth, reasonable cutting speeds are used for different materials.
    Sixth, the cutting speed should be kept in balance, the speed should be as consistent as possible, in order to achieve better results.The cutting process cannot be stopped, and the correct use of woodworking CNC router tools should be completed at once.
    Seventh, tools should be cleaned with a special detergent

    Determination of tool wear in CNC router
    How to judge the wear and tear of tools?
    The judgment method of severe tool wear is as follows:
1) Listen to the processed sound and make harsh cries;
2) Listen to the sound of the spindle, the spindle appears obvious rotation to maintain the phenomenon;
3) The vibration increases during the processing, and the vibration of the machine tool spindle is obvious;
4) Investigate the processing effect.Is the finished bottom grain good or bad (if it is cut too deep at the beginning)?
    CNC router tools
    How to deal with the problem of cutting tool suddenly in machining?
1) Stop the processing and check the current serial number of the processing.
2) Check whether the blade is at the place where the knife was broken. If it is, please take it out.
3) It is most important to analyze the cause of tool damage.Why did the tool break?We will analyze the factors that affect the above processing.But the reason is that the force on the tool has suddenly increased.Either there is a path problem, tool jitter is too large, the material has a hard block, or the spindle motor speed is not correct.
4) After analysis, replace the machining tool.If the path has not been changed, you need to advance a sequence number to the original sequence number for processing.At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to reduce the feed speed.First, tool fracture is severely hardened, and second, tool operation is required.
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