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How to choose CNC engraving machine
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How to choose CNC engraving machine
Many people know that wooden furniture copy cannot do without CNC router with the improvement of people's living standard.The market for wood furniture continues to grow, and the corresponding CNC router is also a target for these furniture manufacturers.But at present domestic CNC router manufacturers more, fewer manufacturers with better quality, which makes furniture manufacturers feel headache.Next, I'll tell you what to look out for when buying a CNC router.
1. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the functions of the CNC router can cooperate with each other, and do not find that the router cannot be used or deal with instability when purchasing.For example, some low-power CNC routers are only suitable for data processing of two-color plates, building models, small labels, THREE-DIMENSIONAL processes, etc. This technology has been popular for some time, but due to the low engraving power, its application scope has been greatly affected.The other is a high-power CNC router, which can cut and carve on a large scale.
2. To understand the performance and functions of the engraving machine, the head motor of the CNC router is also very important, and the working time of the head motor is very long, so if the head motor is not good, it will also affect the use of the CNC router.
3, the head motor speed balance.Usually, the adjustable speed scale is from thousands to 30,000 revolutions per minute.If the speed cannot be adjusted or the speed range is small, the application scope of the CNC router will be limited, because different engraving data must use different etched head speeds.
4. Nc router ontology manufacturing process: When working with high-power CNC router, the fuselage is required to be exquisite and stable, which is related to whether the precision and stability of CNC router can be improved. The precision of processing technology also depends on the adjustable factors of CNC router.
5, there are two kinds of master equipment: one is the drive equipment, all the computing work is realized by the computer.When the CNC router is working, the computer is in the expected state and cannot complete the layout.The other motherboard device adopts single board machine or single chip microcomputer.In practice, the main device is a computer, so the computer can only do the rest of the typesetting immediately after the plotter has started working, especially if it takes a long time to write.
6. Screw and guide rail are also the main components of the system.CNC router.Good spiral guide ensures the accuracy and performance of nc router in temporary use.
No matter how good a CNC router is, users will encounter various problems in the process of using it.In case of problems that cannot be solved, it is a special and important issue whether enterprises can provide the processing plan in time, which is also the main factor that users should consider when buying CNC routers.

What is the hardware module of engraving machine?
Hardware is the foundation of system operation and the necessary carrier to realize system function.Grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the system, directly affect the engraving machine's machining performance, machining accuracy of the workpiece and many other aspects.The main system hardware is composed of main module, feed drive system module, spindle drive module, engraving electromechanical source module and auxiliary module.
01 main module
The main module is the core part of the main system, used to analyze and solve the engraving code, master and manage all engraving machine systems.Therefore, the solving speed of the main control module indirectly determines the running speed of the whole engraving machine control system.The main master control module is composed of an industrial control board composed of high-performance general-purpose CPU, the main master control module is composed of high-speed static master control chip, the main master control module is composed of high-performance single-chip microcomputer of APM solver, the main master control module is composed of PC+ high-speed static master control card, and the main master control module is composed of PC+ NUMERICAL control software simulation.
02 Feed drive system module
At present, engraving machine feed system has two main methods: stepper motor drive system and AC servo motor system.Stepper motor is an actuator that converts pulse signal into angular displacement.Each time the motor winding absorbs a pulse, the rotor will rotate the corresponding stepping Angle.The stepper motor can be mastered by mastering pulse number and pulse frequency.Stepper motor has been widely used in NUMERICAL control system because it has no accumulated error and good control performance.With the development of technology, AC servo system gradually mature, more and more used in numerical control system.It is very similar to stepper motor in mastering method, but its applicable performance and application situation are quite different.
Spindle drive module
Spindle drive module is one of the core components of CNC machine tools, and its input performance has a great impact on the overall level of NC machine tools.Spindle drive is different from general industrial drive.It not only requires high speed, high precision, high static rigidity, but also requires continuous input, high torque, a large range of constant power operation capacity.At present, it is very important to use special spindle motor (motorized spindle) and DC motor to drive the spindle mechanism.

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