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What are the advantages of fiber laser marking machine
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    As a new marking equipment, fiber laser marking machine gradually shows more and more excellent performance and quality. The use trend of laser marking machines is increasing year by year, especially in the hardware industry. The laser marking machine has the characteristics of maintenance-free, free adjustment, and high reliability. It is especially suitable for high precision, high depth, and high smoothness requirements. Therefore, it has been widely used in the hardware industry. Metal products that can be processed include iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloys, aluminum, silver, and all metal oxides.
    The laser marking machine can mark various characters, serial numbers, product numbers, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, production dates, etc. on hardware products, and can automatically skip product numbers, time, date or serial numbers. Laser-marked text and graphics are not only clear and accurate, but also cannot be erased and modified. This is important for tracking product quality and channels, and more importantly, effectively preventing the sale of expired products, anti-counterfeiting and preventing the sale of cross-border products significance.
    The laser marking machine engraves the fine patterns of hardware products, the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm, and the marking is durable, beautiful and clear. The laser marking machine can meet the needs of printing large amounts of data for very small hardware products. It can print two-dimensional bar codes with higher definition and higher precision. With its powerful functional advantages, laser marking machines have a wide range of markets at home and abroad.

    More reliable industrial production of metal laser marking machine
    Metal is an important part of industrial development, so laser marking machine is an important laser marking machine in industrial production. In the practice of modern production management, the choice of high-precision, specialized production of metal laser marking machine has very important professional application reliability and efficiency for the current situation of modern industrial production. Metal laser marking machine is also the basic condition for better application in the process of ensuring high standard marking function.
    Some people say that the metal laser marking machine is an advancement on the shoulders of giants. China has gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center. With the increase of foreign investment, the demand for metal processing continues to increase, and the technical complexity of the metal processing industry is relatively high. Even the processing accuracy of some parts has reached dozens of times, which raises higher precision for metal processing Requirements.
    On the basis of specialized production, the metal laser marking machine has realized the practical functions of high standards and specialization, which has driven the rapid development of related manufacturing industries. In recent years, my country has begun to catch up and surpass in the field of metal laser marking machine, and has achieved the second place in the field of metal laser marking machine. Metal laser marking machines have helped the industry achieve leapfrog development.
    At the same time, under the requirements of modern industrial production, it is a very important task for the metal laser marking machine to standardize and provide professional new equipment to ensure the efficient, stable and functional basis of production. Among them, the extensive application of metal laser marking machines has a sufficient basis for professional applications.
    In addition, products that are highly matched to the profession will meet different production needs and will vary to a large extent. At this time, specialized production can provide opportunities for various products to form efficient and stable production effects, which are the conditions for accurate identification and efficient production.
    The metal laser marking machine has good quality assurance, from the application of laser technology to the point-to-point marking accuracy and different functional positioning, but it has obvious different functions in different production links. In this regard, in order to ensure good product quality, in order to achieve accurate labeling and ensure the quality of industrial products, it has the characteristics of high precision and meets the requirements of production.
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    Laser marking and engraving of car nameplates
    For most automobile companies, the improvement of production and manufacturing systems requires a combination of various equipment and machines. Laser marking machines are one of the indispensable equipment. The laser marking machine mainly marks the information of automobile nameplates and other parts to complete the follow-up traceability. The marking principle of the laser marking machine is to use the laser to leave traces under the material to achieve the marking effect.
    In addition to automobile brand numbers, laser marking machines are also used to mark automobile parts such as frames, bodies, car keys, and engines. It can be said that the laser marking machine has been closely integrated with the entire automobile industry, promoting the development of the marking direction of the automobile industry, and becoming an important tool for automobile manufacturing technology.
    Laser marking machine car nameplates are mainly used to mark car nameplates, mainly because car nameplates play an important role in all parts of the car that need to be marked. The nameplate is the most important part to be marked, so the user confirms and tracks the information through the information on the nameplate, just like sending an express, he must fill in the phone number, if only part of the car can be marked, it must be the nameplate of the car .
    In recent years, laser marking machine equipment and automobile nameplates have been closely applied, which is closely related to the characteristics and advantages of laser marking machines. Advantages of car nameplate laser marking machine:
    1. Marking is anti-counterfeiting. The marking of laser marking machine is not easy to erase and can be stored permanently, which has high security.
    2. The marking effect is good. The laser marking machine is a non-contact marking machine with a laser beam. When marking the car nameplate, it can mark exquisite and clear text and graphics without damaging the car nameplate. It is an ideal model for marking car nameplates.
    3. Fast marking speed. The laser marker can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of car nameplate identification. The entire automotive industry is a streamlined production. An efficient machine can realize the operation of the assembly line and promote the development of the entire automobile industry.
laser marking machine

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