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How to improve the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine
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    How to improve the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine
    As the advanced equipment of laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine has its advantages in actual production and processing field. In order to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, how to improve the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines has become a key factor. Today, I will introduce some methods to improve the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine.
    1. Adopt common edge cutting and typesetting: not only greatly reduces the stroke of the laser cutting machine, but also saves cutting consumables. With only one perforation, continuous cutting of multiple parts can be completed, which improves production efficiency and saves a lot of materials.
    2. Oxygen-assisted gas: The principle of laser cutting plate is to use high-energy laser beam to melt the surface of the plate to achieve the cutting effect. The use of oxygen assist gas can increase the oxidation degree of the plate and reach the molten state, thereby improving the cutting efficiency.
    3. Adopting parts bridge continuous cutting programming mode: The programming method focuses on improving the cutting speed and efficiency, which is impossible with traditional cutting methods. Using special computer software to draw, connect the cutting paths of multiple parts together, so that the laser cutting machine can cut the entire steel plate through only one hole.
    The above are several ways to improve the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine. According to our own processing situation, we can take appropriate methods to improve the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine.
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    The difference between the new laser cutting machine and two mobile phones
    The cost of the laser cutting machine is not high and the use cost is low, but many customers will buy two mobile phones as an idea to consider funds. In the early days, a second-hand laser cutting machine was used. Due to special circumstances, it needs to be resold. This is the so-called second-hand laser cutting machine. It is not recommended to buy a second-hand laser cutting machine. It has lost the function of the new laser cutting machine. There are several reasons for this analysis.
    1. When using a second-hand laser cutting machine, you do not fully understand the working process of the user in the early use, nor fully understand the working condition of the equipment, and it will also cause many hidden factors in the internal equipment, which causes the problem of the second-hand laser cutting machine. risk.
    2. The price difference between the new laser cutting machine and the second-hand laser cutting machine is not obvious. If we can and plan to buy a second-hand laser cutting machine, why not increase the price to buy a new one? Moreover, the new laser cutting machine has a good guarantee, a complete after-sales service team, and a relatively good cost-effectiveness.
    The small laser cutting machine has low cost and is very suitable for small businesses or enterprises with relatively tight funds. For companies with less capital, it is recommended to buy a new laser cutting machine.

    How much is the laser cutting machine?
    When most people buy laser cutting machines, they mainly focus on two aspects, one is product price, and the other is product quality. Many people subconsciously think that the more expensive the price, the better the quality of the product, so they will pay special attention to the price of the product. In particular, how many questions are asked for a product, and how much is a device?
    1. Look at this brand
    Different brands of laser cutting machines have different prices. Because big brands have good quality, stable equipment performance, and good technical after-sales service, the probability of problems will be greatly reduced. So when buying a laser cutting machine, you can learn more and better s brand.
    2. Machine format
    Laser cutting machine manufacturers generally have a variety of standard sizes, which can meet the special needs of customers, and they can also customize non-standard machine tools according to customers' dimensions. Standard sizes are always produced by manufacturers, non-standard sizes need to be customized, so custom sizes are more expensive than standard sizes.
    3. Power
    The higher the power of the device, the higher the price of the same brand manufacturer. Therefore, before you ask, be sure to know the material, thickness, cutting speed and productivity needs.
    In fact, generally speaking, the cost of a laser cutting machine is different. It will change according to many factors, so if you want to know the exact cost of the laser cutting machine, you need to ask the actual situation to be more accurate. Therefore, when you choose this product, you can ask for more professionals.
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