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The advantages of using fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting
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    The advantages of using optical fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting
    With the development of optical fiber laser cutting machines and their increasing profitability, the fundamental question remains unanswered: is this machine really good for metal workers to process sheets?
    The answer to this question is yes.As mentioned earlier, fiber laser cutting machines have fully developed the sheet metal cutting industry.In addition to being fast, accurate and efficient, the machine offers several advantages for sheet metal workers:
    (1) Cost-effectiveness
    What better way to save your hard-earned money than with a machine?This, perhaps, is the greatest advantage of fiber optic laser cutting machines.
    The machine offers opportunities for substantial savings by reducing overhead costs.The machine has a systematic and comprehensive structure, plus a lifetime laser, which requires only a large investment in the purchase process.
    In addition, it does not require you to buy expensive optical mirrors, which are required in other laser conventional machines.In addition, the focusing lens of the optical fiber laser cutter is sealed inside the cutting head, so it is not affected by the breaking factors.
    As long as the fiber is properly maintained, its service life can be guaranteed and it is not vulnerable to minor damage.
    (2) Fixed parts
    Conventional laser cutting machines require higher maintenance and operation costs than optical fiber laser cutting machines.The reason is moving parts of a traditional machine.Fiber lasers do not require moving mirrors to increase the power of the laser.
    However, if the mirror is not properly maintained, the chance of damage is greatly increased, forcing the laser to be stripped as the number of fiber optic laser cutters increases dramatically.
    (3) The ability to cut reflective materials
    Another important aspect of the optical fiber laser cutter is its ability to cut reflective material.Traditional laser cutting machines have serious faults due to the reflection of lasers from reflective surfaces, but they have great advantages in this respect.The aesthetic design of the machine enables it to adapt to any reflective surface and produce near-perfect results.Its ability to cut stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc., is the reason it is so popular in the sheet metal cutting industry.
    (4) Electrical efficiency
    In this field, optical fiber laser cutting machine is also better than the traditional laser cutting machine.Compared with the traditional 4kW laser cutting machine, the 2kW fiber laser cutting machine USES one third of the power.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine has become a good invention in the plate cutting industry.This is a good thing for workers who want a machine to process large amounts of thin/thick material, since it can provide high speed, high quality precision work at a fairly economical price.
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    How to improve the utilization rate of fiber laser cutting machine to sheet metal?
    China is in a leading position in the processing of optical fiber laser cutting machines.At the same time, the continuous benefit of the optical fiber laser cutter's work provides one of the advantages of high efficiency and precision in its handling of sheet metal.
    There are, however, some industries that paper workers want to know about before they bet on the machine.Therefore, it is very important to understand that the optical fiber laser cutting system and laser control system together constitute three parts of the machine main machine.
    The best part about the fiber optic laser cutter is that its design is worker friendly.The programming method is simple and easy to use.In addition, the precision control capability is well suited to different machining requirements.Therefore, it becomes the root cause of increasing productivity.
    Changes in technology have brought with them some complexity, as have fiber optic laser cutting machines.The problem with this machine is that the workers can't use the metal pieces properly.Therefore, in order to maximize the use of paper and reduce problems, here are the solutions.
    To use sheet metal properly, you must start at the edge.Doing so will help you calculate the remaining paper, so give you an idea of how you can appropriately maximize the use of sheet metal.In addition, it can help you save materials for future use.This is very important and will help to improve the working efficiency of utilizing the plates.
    Not only all of this, but accurate sheet cutting also saves the extra manpower required to perform the cutting function.This directly saves a lot of time, unnecessary material waste, and the cost of processing the workpiece.
    Whether simple or complex, optical fiber laser cutting machine with its high flexibility, fast speed, high efficiency, short production cycle and other advantages, as long as the use of laser, can be in the same processing cycle, with low cost, more incisional cutting effect to provide rapid cutting and forming.
    In addition, the unique advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine make laser processing better, thus paving the way for development.This is due to fiber optic laser cutting machines in China and different regions of the metal processing industry is becoming more efficient and good.
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